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A&P Mechanics Airframe Interactive Video Ground School and Test Prep Courseyour way to the best mechanics job in the shortest time!

When should you use seine knots and how should you position them? Where will you find a roots blower? What do you use a joggle for? Plus, what you need to know about rigging, landing gear systems, and hydraulics.

You'll whip through your preparation—and learn exactly what you need to be a solid Airframe Mechanic—when you let KING guide you in preparing for your FAA Mechanics Airframe Exam.

You'll breeze through even the toughest, trickiest FAA Written Exam questions when you've prepared with KING's A&P Mechanics Airframe Ground School & Test Prep Course (Knowledge Test Course). Your mechanics prep course combines "monster" graphics, humor and dramatic 3-D animation—all proven techniques to help you retain more and boost your score on your FAA exam. In fact, you get everything you need to make the tests a snap.


Clarifies, Simplifies, Makes It Easier To Understand
  • Every FAA Mechanics Airframe question available—the latest, most accurate and up-to-date FAA questions available so you'll be confident you're current
  • Detailed explanations that help you understand the answers fully
  • Actual in-the-field video describes each principle, fundamental and technical procedure you need to know
  • Special techniques simplify even the most difficult concepts
  • Every important concept demonstrated vividly so you really learn the subject material, not just rote memorization
  • Lively state-of-the-art full color graphics and sharp animation, plus the exclusive Ultimatte System—a proven combination that brings award-winning learning right into your living room
  • The personal warmth and enthusiasm of John and Martha King, recognized as the best, most popular aviation instructors in the world
  • Easy access to KING's full-time staff instructors
"I missed only four questions.
Took the entire test and reviewed test
in only 50 minutes."

Richard A. Clapsaddle • Birmingham, AL

"I had taken this test four times before and couldn't pass. This course really helped."
Rene Velasquez • Bell, CA

Martha explains Code Markings on Bolt Heads
Clear explanations

Here's What You Get...
  • A&P Mechanics Airframe Course
  • A&P Mechanics Airframe Interactive Test Prep (Computerized Exam Review)
  • Electronic detailed course notes and figures with hot links and easy navigation
  • Every FAA Airframe question available, with detailed step-by-step explanations
  • Unlimited randomized practice exams
  • Personalized graduation certificate suitable for framing
  • FREE online FAR/AIM

Your Interactive Test Prep Ensures Your Mechanics Test Success

After you've taken your KING Airframe Course, let your computer make it fun to ensure a "Top Gun" score. Using this intuitive and thorough KING software, that's included with your course, you can choose questions by subject or review them all. See correct answers on-screen with KING's detailed explanations.

Your software selects unanswered or previously missed questions and tracks your progress for you. KING's confidential Report Card highlights areas to improve your score. Then, when you're confident you're ready, take your actual FAA A&P Mechanics Airframe exam and ace it!

Supported Operating Systems: both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

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