Online RVSM Pilot Certification Course

Online RVSM Pilot Certification Course Price : $199.00
Online RVSM Pilot Certification—includes both Domestic and International!


RVSM—Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum—allows flight at FL290 and above with only 1000' of vertical separation. This course gives you everything you need as a pilot to become certified for RVSM operations.

Accepted by the FAA, and internationally, for pilot certification

In About One Hour You'll Learn...
  • RVSM Requirements
  • In-Flight Contingency Procedures
  • International RVSM Procedures
  • Good RVSM Operating Practices
  • Consequences of Altitude-Keeping Errors

Why Pilot Training for RVSM is Required

RVSM stands for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum. It refers to the fact that the vertical separation applied to airplanes flying at FL290 through FL410 is now reduced to 1,000 feet, from the former separation of 2,000 feet. This reduction in vertical separation doubles the altitudes available.

The larger vertical separation of 2,000 feet had previously been required because altimeters are intrinsically less accurate at higher altitudes. Altimeters measure pressure and display lower pressures at higher altitudes. At FL290 and above the pressure differences between altitudes are only a fraction of the pressure differences at lower altitudes, giving altimeters far less to work with.

"Great course! Definitely learned more than at the
FULL DAY RVSM course at [another company] ...
and best of all it took me 1 hour and 10 minutes,
all in the comforts of my home."

Dennis Stein • La Jolla, CA


RVSM separation FL290 through FL410

Plus, altimeters use the static port as their source of the air pressure to measure. At the higher Mach numbers that airplanes fly at these altitudes, the air around the static source becomes disturbed and creates errors that must be corrected.

These errors, if uncorrected, can result in your altimeter being off by as much as 300 or 400 feet. With only 1,000 feet of separation, two airplanes with opposite errors of this magnitude could be at risk of a collision.

Significant improvements in altimetry systems have made it possible to fly safely with only 1,000 feet of separation at these altitudes, but the airplanes must be properly equipped and the pilots must be trained to operate their equipment properly.

International RVSM areas

What Our RVSM Course is Like

You can take our RVSM course in as little as an hour. Our goal is to make your learning clear, simple and fun. Our students tell us that they had more fun and learned and remembered more than they did from day-long courses that cost multiples of the price of our course.

You'll learn everything you need to operate in RVSM airspace safely and legally—including in international operations. In about an hour, you'll become certified, or refresh your knowledge and maintain your currency.

When you have finished the course you will immediately receive a logbook endorsement and a completion certificate. Plus you will receive our handy RVSM Operations and Emergency Checklist to keep in the cockpit with you.

“I took an all day RVSM course at
a ‘National Training Facility’ and found
this KING course to be more informative and helpful.”

Charles Noss • University, MS

"The KING RVSM course has saved our flight department
thousands of dollars in travel expenses to attend a seminar.
Furthermore, we got more useful information out of the online course! Thanks."

T. Swearingen • Normal, IL

"The KING RVSM online course is just what we need at Vitesse Corporation.
It has everything in a fast, easy and convenient online format ...
no wasted flying time and at a great price!"
G. Cottingham • Captain, Vitesse Corporation

Your Best Friend In The Cockpit

Your downloadable RVSM Cockpit Card is a comprehensive reference card that reminds you of the critical checks required before entering RVSM airspace, and guides you in systematically working through in-flight problems or emergencies. 

Immediate Reference for...
  • RVSM Operations...
    • RVSM minimum equipment required to be operational
    • Preflight checklist
    • In-flight checklist
    • Critical RVSM numbers
  • In-flight contingency procedures when you have...
    • Problems maintaining altitude due to severe turbulence or mountain wave activity
    • Failure of the altitude hold, the altitude alerting system, or All Primary Altimeters
    • Failure of One Primary Altimetry System
    • Indications on Primary Altimetry Systems differ by more than 200 feet

Sign Up Now & Start Learning Immediately!

Upon completion you'll get a downloadable completion certificate for the FAA or your employer that meets the requirements of Part 91, Appendix G, Section 3(c)(2) and helps you meet training requirements for Part 91K, paragraph 91.1065(a)(5), Part 125.287(5), and Part 135.345(a)(4). Satisfies IS-BAO recurrent training requirements.



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