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TAWS—get the knowledge to take life-saving action!

TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) is designed to prevent Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT). CFIT is the cause of an astonishing 17% of all GA fatalities. You are 8 times more likely to have a fatal CFIT accident than a midair collision.

TAWS Works

According to Aviation Today, since the rules requiring TAWS in most turbine-powered aircraft came into force, CFIT accidents "...have dropped to virtually zero." The price of TAWS has come down to where it is feasible in piston airplanes. But having TAWS in your airplane may not help you, if you don't know what to do when you get a TAWS alert. Fun, interactive questions will reinforce your learning. Print out your graduation certificate and logbook endorsement when you are done. Helps you meet training requirements for Part 91K, paragraph 91.1065(a)(8), Part 125.287(8), and Part 135.345(a)(8). Satisfies IS-BAO recurrent training requirements.

You'll Learn...
  • Why TAWS is critically important and life-saving
  • TAWS levels and their equipment
  • When you will get a TAWS alert
  • How to respond to alerts when you get them
  • How to avoid traps that might prevent you from responding in time
  • Interpreting your terrain display
  • How to preflight your TAWS

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