High-Altitude Aerodynamics Online Course

High-Altitude Aerodynamics Online Course Price : $129.00

High-Altitude Aerodynamics—
what you need to know above FL250

This course provides initial or recurrent training in high-altitude aerodynamics to help meet the requirements of FAR 91.1065(a)(2) for Part 91K operators, Part 125.287(8), and FAR 135.345(b)(5) for commuter and on-demand operators. Satisfies IS-BAO recurrent training requirements.

Practical and Easy Learning

High-Altitude Aerodynamics provides the information to keep you safely inside restricted flight envelopes encountered when flying at high altitude in an efficient, effective, practical, and easy to understand format ... with a downloadable reference card, a completion certificate and a logbook endorsement. When you complete this course you'll be ready for ground and simulator training in aircraft specific conditions.


You'll Learn...
  • Different types of airspeeds and how they affect you
  • Climb schedules using
    • Indicated airspeed, and
    • Mach number
  • The importance of
    • VMO and
    • MMO
  • How to avoid or deal with
    • Over-speed situations, and
    • High-speed and Slow-speed Mach buffet

What This Course Does for You
  • Delivered online
  • Efficient and practical
  • Helps satisfy Part 135 and Part 91K initial and recurrent general training requirements
  • Stand-alone course that fits into comprehensive Part 135 or 91K training package
  • Not aircraft or operator specific
  • Test questions throughout the lessons
  • Completion certificate and a logbook endorsement
  • Handy reference card


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