Part 135 Recurrency A - Online Course

Part 135 Recurrency A - Online Course Price : $99.00

Part 135 Recurrency A—for On-Demand and Commuter Operations

This course is for those who have taken the Part 135 Initial Pilot Training course. Alternate this course with
Part 135 Recurrency B for your annual recurrent training requirement.

Get the most comprehensive and efficient recurrent ground training for your pilots. Whatever the size of your operation, this online course will give your pilots the training they need—with clear explanations of complex concepts.

This course is a stand-alone course that fits into your Part 135 training package—and greatly reduces your workload by providing your pilots with a thorough review of the general knowledge topics required in FAR 135.345. Satisfies IS-BAO recurrent training requirements.

Upon completion of this course, they'll be ready for instruction in your company procedures and the aircraft they will fly.

And because the course is delivered online, your pilots can take it wherever they may be—from any computer with a connection to the web.


P135- Pilot Availability

Independent Study, Proficiency-Based Testing, Course Status Reporting

Your pilots can take this self-paced course of study with clear, simple and fun learning independently, without tying up valuable company resources. Proficiency-based testing after each lesson is relevant and substantive, with emphasis on understanding for real-world application—not memorization. No trick questions or petty distinctions.

Your Chief Pilot can keep tabs on each pilot's progress with our Course Completion Status Report. And when your pilots complete the course, they'll receive a course completion certificate and logbook endorsement.

"As Director of Flight Operations for a Part 135 on-demand organization, I found your course to be very important and thorough in its presentation of Part 135 rules and regulations."
Steven Deaton • Medford, OR


Keep Your Training Pilot Flying

Let us take a big load off your preparation and classroom time. Keep your training pilot flying and not in the office or classroom. We cover the required general topics. All you have to do is teach the required aircraft and company-specific information.


P135- flight crew training

Part 135 Recurrency A covers

Self-directed instruction and proficiency-based testing (over 125 thought-provoking questions) for your pilots on the following topics, as required by FAR 135.329 and 135.293:

  • Review of FAR Parts 61, 91, and 135
  • Operational control
  • Difference between on-demand and commuter operations
  • Conditions and requirements for eligible on-demand operations
  • Flight crew qualifications and required operating experience
  • Crew rest and crew duty periods
  • Weight and balance procedures
  • HAZMAT overview
  • Aircraft equipment requirements, including for special operations
  • Weather review
  • Severe weather operations and avoidance

Valuable Cockpit Reference Cards

Your pilots will also receive downloadable Cockpit Reference Cards (choose On-Demand and / or Commuter Operations) to remind them of critical flight and duty time limitations, takeoff and landing requirements, and IFR lost comm procedures.

We will be glad to provide a syllabus and course key for your POI to review the training program. For a printable syllabus, click here. Call your Pilot Training Advisor at 800-854-1001 for more information.

This course is for those who have taken the Part 135 Initial Pilot Training course. Alternate this course with
Part 135 Recurrency B for your annual recurrent training requirement.


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