Practical Risk Mgmt For Single-Pilot IFR - CD-ROM

Practical Risk Mgmt For Single-Pilot IFR - CD-ROM Price : $49.00
Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR—turn stress into confidence and safety!

With the skills you'll learn from Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR, you'll be able to fly single-pilot IFR safely, expertly and confidently while fitting in with the system—even at unfamiliar, busy airports.

If you have flown single-pilot IFR you already know that it is the toughest job in aviation. There is no co-pilot to share the load or help trap errors ... you even have to act as cabin flight attendant for your passengers.

Since, unlike airline pilots, you don't have a dispatcher, you have to do all the pre-flight planning on your own and make sure your airplane is properly fueled and ready to go.

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  Practical Risk Management For Weather, Practical Risk Management For Takeoffs & Landings, Practical Risk Management For Reluctant Passengers and Their Pilots, and Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR qualify for the same great 5% Avemco Premium Credit as the original Practical Risk Management For Pilots. Please contact Avemco for all the program details.

Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR

Accepted for FAA WINGS Credit

Qualifies for Avemco SRP
Get the Tools You Need to Master Single-Pilot IFR

With Practical Risk Management For Single-Pilot IFR you'll receive the tools to fly a piston-powered aircraft single-pilot IFR on trips, with less stress and strain, and with far better risk management.

You'll Learn...
  • The two fundamental tools for IFR work-load management
  • How to develop a TAWS in your head
  • Why getting the big weather picture is so important
  • The smart way to plan your route
  • How to PAVE your way to safe single-pilot IFR
  • How to set yourself up for success
  • The quick way to make your last situational check before you fly
  • Using the CARE attention scan to manage single-pilot IFR risks in the air
  • How to use expert practices to your advantage
  • Using the autopilot the way the pros do
  • Managing the window of risk in the terminal area

It's Not About Physical Skill

After you take this course you will understand that flying single-pilot IFR is not about physical skill. It is about workload management—and that means using your time wisely. You will learn to use your resources to reduce your workload so that you have time to manage the big picture. When you have mastered this, you will be rewarded with a deeply satisfying experience—flying single-pilot IFR competently and safely.


 Supported Operating Systems: 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

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