Flying the Garmin G1000

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Flying the Garmin G1000 Course
Flying the Garmin G1000 Course
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Make Your "Dreamed-Of" G1000 Capabilities A Reality!
The Garmin advanced technology is an absolute dream when you know how to use it. Now you can turn that dream into your reality. Be in command of all the knobs, buttons and system logic before you get in the air!

*** Trade-in your old KING G1000 CD-ROM course - find out how ***

Online G1000 course is Video Only.
DVD for PC G1000 course is Interactive.

KING's Online Computer-based Interactive Video™ G1000 course is much more than the simple DVD video that many others offer. This course will harness the power of your computer to prepare you so well that when you get in the airplane, your hands and eyes will automatically go to the right place.

Be Prepared Before You Fly

You'll not only understand and be able to use the fabulous capabilities of the advanced Garmin technology, but you'll know the quickest and most efficient way to do things. You'll stay way ahead of the G1000 and fully utilize all of its amazing power. And you'll say, "Wow, that was easy!"

G1000 Online Main Menu
G1000 Online Main Menu

When you finish your comprehensive G1000 training course, you'll be a skilled user. With the help of an instructor or safety pilot, you'll easily demonstrate your command of the truly magnificent Garmin capabilities.  

Transitioning to Glass

You'll easily transition from round dials to glass with this engaging and thorough course. The complex G1000 systems will become intuitive. Soon you'll have command of its 125 knobs and buttons.

You'll learn the systems and how to interpret and use the flight instruments, engine instruments, radios, transponder, maps, and aviation databases ... all on two big display screens—before long you'll be eager to demonstrate your proficiency in the air.

  • Understand and use your Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi Function Display (MFD)
  • Learn how to best use WAAS
  • Learn how to use the Garmin GFC700 autopilot for both VFR and IFR flying
  • Navigate with moving maps, flight plans, and "Direct—To" ... with confidence
  • Manage systems including engine leaning and monitoring
  • Utilize the facilities database including pages and page groups, nearest airport, navigation aids
  • Learn how to use XM Weather
  • Know how to customize your system


Best G1000 Trainer


Get All the Benefits

The G1000 system is a leap forward in both user-interface design and capability. The new features are powerful and will reward the time spent learning how to make them work for you.

  • Familiarize yourself with the great improvements made to the Flight Plan and "Direct-To" windows, PFD status bar, and the way navigation modes are displayed on the HSI
  • Take the guesswork out of determining when to descend by knowing how to use the new Vertical Navigation (VNAV) functions for both VFR and IFR flight
  • Save time and get better in-flight information by learning how to load airways into your flight plans
  • Understand the new and improved way the G1000 guides you through a missed approach
  • Learn about many other exciting features including Checklists, FliteCharts and ChartView, SafeTaxi, and XM radio


Compare these interactive computer features to other "TV" courses.

  • The course serves up short, easy-to-understand video snippets with close-up finger-to-button demonstrations that make it easy to see the actions.
  • In the interactive course, video snippets are followed by KING's super-realistic Procedures Trainer which lets you put what you have just learned into practice right away, reinforcing your learning. 
  • The interactive menu tracks and displays your results so you can easily see how you are advancing. 
  • When you are done, you can print a completion certificate for your checkout instructor, FBO, or insurance company ... and you may want to frame it to proudly display your achievement.


You'll value your course so much that you'll use it again and again to maintain the currency you need to fly the G1000 with safety and utility.

Fully Utilize the G1000

    Put it all together from pre-flight and startup to managing the glass-cockpit transition and risk in the air!

    • Learn to use Garmin's hazard avoidance systems including the optional Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS), and the Traffic Information System (TIS)
    • Call up instrument procedures with ease including loading and activating approaches, departures and arrivals, course reversals, holding, and missed approaches
    • Know what to do when things go wrong, including electrical and display problems—even in IMC
    • Learn how to stay way ahead of the G1000 and fully utilize all of its amazing power


    Build Confidence with our Realistic Procedures Trainer

    You will gain the confidence that comes from immediately practicing what you have learned. Punch each button and turn each knob on our realistic Procedures Trainer built into the interactive course, and your eyes and fingers will automatically go the right place when you get in the cockpit.

    Accepted for FAA WINGS credit
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    DVD Supported Operating Systems: both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

    *** Trade-in your old KING G1000 CD-ROM course ***

    It's Easy To Upgrade...

    Just order this current replacement Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 DVD for PC, or Online course, and we'll buy back your old Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 CD-ROM course for half the original price course.

    Call 800-854-1001 and tell the friendly Customer Service pilot who answers that you want to upgrade the Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 course.
    Send your old course to:

    King Schools, Inc.
    Attn: Returns Department
    3840 Calle Fortunada
    San Diego, CA 92123

    You're In Control of Your Time
    You choose when and where you want to learn.

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    King Schools "no questions asked" 30 day, money back guarantee.

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    • ... maximize your training. King Schools' teaching techniques help you remember facts you'll need—in every training product we create.
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    1. What are the operating system requirements for the disc course?

      Supported Operating Systems: both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

    2. What are the operating requirements for the online course?

      Online course media requires a broadband internet connection. The course will run on your iPad, tablet, iPhone or smartphone.

    3. What is the difference between the online version and the disc version?

      The online version allows you to take lessons on your iPad, iPhone or any mobile device or computer that has an internet connection. The video content is exactly the same as in the disc version, however, the disc version includes KING's Procedures Trainer which lets you put what you have learned into practice right away.

    4. Apple iPhone and iPad

      If you wish to access your online course material on an iPad or iPhone, we recommend downloading the free KING Companion App. The app allows you to view your online course(s) on an iPad or iPhone when not connected to the Internet. This free app is available through the iTunes App Store by searching for "King Schools Companion."

      Follow the steps below to access your online courses offline:

      • Login to your course by following the instructions in the email you'll receive after you complete your order.
      • Download the KING Companion App through the iTunes App Store.
      • After launching the Companion App, login using your existing iLearn account username and password.
      • While connected to the internet, download the online course(s) you have purchased.
      • Once your course(s) have finished loading, you can start studying offline!

    5. How long is the course?

      The course contains over 7 hours of video instruction.

    6. How many discs are in the disc course?

      There are a total of three (3) discs; one setup disc and 2 instructional discs.

    7. What Garmin software version does the course cover?


    8. Does the course cover both VFR and IFR operations?


    9. How do I get my WINGS credit for taking the course?

      Just make sure the email address in your King Schools iLearn account matches your WINGS account. We will automatically grant WINGS credit when you complete the course. For more information, click here.

    10. How do I access my course completion certificate?

      Once you have completed all the lessons and answered all the questions in each lesson, you'll be able to print out your completion certificate. Click on the Course Complete icon when you are finished to print your certificate.

    11. I purchased a Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 course a few years ago, is my version the most current?

      The current setup disc is v. 5.8. If you have any version prior to that, you may want to update your old course.

    12. What content was added in v. 5.8?

      New lessons on...

      • Using the Transponder
      • Checklist feature
      • VNAV (vertical navigation) for VFR and IFR
      • SafeTaxi and XM radio entertainment features
      • Airways
      • FliteCharts and CharView Feature

    13. I have an older G1000 course, how can I upgrade to the latest version?

      It's easy to upgrade...Just order the new Version 8 replacement Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 course, and we'll buy back your old Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 CD-ROM course for half the original price course. Give us a call at 800-854-1001 or +1-858-541-2200 and tell the friendly Pilot Advisor that you want to upgrade the Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 course. They will provide you with instructions to return your course.

    14. I already have the disc course, can I upgrade to the online version?

      It's easy to upgrade...Give us a call at 800-854-1001 or +1-858-541-2200 and we will be happy to assist you with updating your disc course to the online version. Just tell the friendly Pilot Advisor you want to upgrade the Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 disc course to the online version. They will provide you with the simple instructions for returning your disc course.

    15. Who do I call if I have questions?

      You can speak to one of our Pilot Advisors during business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1-858-541-2200. You can also email us at

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