RC - Pro Line 21 Falcon 20/50 Online Course

RC - Pro Line 21 Falcon 20/50 Online Course Price : $1,039.00
Rockwell Collins — Pro Line 21 Falcon 20/50fly with confidence!

Get a head-start on flying Pro Line 21. This new and interactive online course will develop your understanding of the Pro Line 21 system and features. The course will enhance your communications, navigation and situational awareness while using this powerful, integrated system.

Learn and retain with interactive practice and scenarios

The course utilizes the proven Rockwell Collins developed "drill and practice" learning method—helping you to learn and retain the material.

After a prompted, guided demo in each learning area, you'll practice the procedures on your own. The flight plan scenarios section will translate your new understanding into real world situations. And, if you already have proven knowledge of related Pro Line 21 material, and are able to successfully complete a pre-test of that knowledge area, you will be able to proceed to the next knowledge area.


You'll learn about the following key features of the Pro Line 21 system for Falcon 20/50 Retrofit operators...
  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Multi-Function Display (MFD)
  • Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS)
  • Radio Sensor System
  • Weather Radar (WXR)
  • Control Display Unit (CDU) / Flight Management System (FMS)

Pro Line 21 Falcon 20/50 course

Know and understand the Pro Line 21 system

When you complete the course, you will have familiarity with the Pro Line 21 instrumentation, and understand how the system works together to provide you flight information. You will know how to enter performance data, build a flight plan, fly approaches and departures, execute missed approaches, and perform en-route operational procedures.

This course takes approximately four hours and features optional audio narration. This course is only compatible with PCs. Best when used in Internet Explorer.



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