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Redbird Flight Simulators

Redbird Flight Simulators - FAA approved AATD

These high-quality, feature-rich flight training devices come at a price that flight schools can actually afford and run on a single 20 amp 110V outlet (15 amp for the TD). Designed to enhance the training experience for pilots of all levels, from student to ATP.

FMX Full Motion SimulatorFMX Full-Motion Flight Simulator

The flagship of the Redbird family. A fully enclose cockpit with +200° visuals and yaw, pitch and roll motion. Starting at $59,800

SD Stationary Flight SimulatorSD Stationary Simulator

A fully enclosed Advanced Aviation Training Device with wrap-around visuals. An excellent choice when space is a premium. Starting at $39,800


LD Light Design Flight SimulatorLD Light Design Simulator

The power of a Redbird for your home or office. The same +200° viewing, realistic flight controls and interchangeable cockpit. Starting at $29,800

Xwind Crosswind Motion SimulatorXwind Crosswind Motion Simulator

Master crosswind landings. The Xwind is capable of simulating 30 knot crosswinds and 15 knot gusts. $27,900


TD Table Mounted TrainerTD Table Mounted Trainer

Designed with ergonomics in mind, this system is the most realistic and effective glass or analog trainer on the market. $6,995.

Cygnus Flight Sim GPS ConnectCygnus

Connect your favorite flight sim to your favorite aviation app running on your iPad or iPhone. Tethered or wireless.

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