ATP Part 121 / Dispatcher Exam Course - Online

ATP Part 121 / Dispatcher Exam Course - Online Price : $149.00

Temporary Price Reduction—now through August 1, 2014

$299  $149! ... 50% off
ATP (Part 121 / Dispatcher) Interactive Video Ground School & Test Prep Course—
get your "doctorate" in flying

Time is Running Out—prepare for your ATP written at 50% off!

If you meet the requirements for an ATP certificate, you will want to obtain it before new FAA regulations go into effect August 1, 2014. Waiting one day longer will require you to do very expensive and time-consuming full-motion large jet simulator and classroom training. You may miss an opportunity that will not come back. In fact, the high costs associated with getting an ATP after August 1st may prevent you from ever getting this cherished certificate.

Now is the time—and it just got easier. To help get you past the extensive written, we are offering our ATP (Part 121/Dispatcher) Ground School & Test Prep Course (Knowledge Test Course) at a full 50% off! This limited-time offer will expire on August 1, 2014 and is the lowest price we have ever offered.

Breeze Through the Complex Regulations and Flight Planning Like a Pro

It's true, comprehensive knowledge is vital when you're planning to become an Airline Transport PIlot. That's why you'll want to get your "Doctorate in Flying" with the course designed to put you at the head of the class. Your KING ATP (Part 121 / Dispatcher) course covers complicated performance charts, regulations, high altitude weather, IFR procedures, operational factors, FARs, Weight & Balance ... the works.

KING gives you that "extra edge" to understand and remember all the facts you need—for your FAA ATP knowledge tests and long after.


Proven & Tested

Proven techniques—tested & refined for nearly three decades—and live-action video put you in the cockpit and in the air for "on-location" learning. When learning is easy, practical and organized, you learn (and pass) faster. The material stays with you longer. You're eligible for the job opportunities sooner!


A Great Score is Your Career Advantage

Even if you don’t yet have the 1,500 hours for your ATP, a test report showing you aced your written will put you miles ahead of the competition. Our Interactive Test Prep (Computerized Exam Review) will let you know when you’re ready to take the test and achieve a great score.


Interactive Test Prep—the icing on the cake!

KING's ATP Interactive Test Prep, included with your course, allows unlimited random practice tests, and lets you systematically review and focus on the areas that need extra attention. You can study groups of questions, or every question—topic by topic, or in whatever order you choose—until you're confident you're ready to ace your exam. Coupled with the video presentation, your ATP test prep will guarantee your success. The result? Solid facts, complex concepts simplified, and material that stays with you long after you've passed your FAA ATP written exam.


"When flying is your career, and test scores
count—you'll guarantee your success with KING!"
N. Aldrich • 767 Captain

Here's What You Get...

  • ATP (Part 121 / Dispatcher) Video Ground School Course
  • ATP (Part 121 / Dispatcher) Interactive Test Prep
  • Detailed course notes & figures
  • Every ATP FAA question available, with detailed step-by-step explanations
  • Unlimited random practice tests
  • Personalized graduation certificate, suitable for framing
  • FREE unlimited random practice exams
  • FREE iPad & iPhone companion app with online course
  • FREE online FAR/AIM and PTS


King Schools iOS Companion App

Introducing ... a free iPad and iPhone compatible app that connects to your King Schools Online Ground School & Test Prep Course and allows you to download the course's video lessons so that they can be watched at any time, with or without an Internet connection. This is the perfect solution when traveling or when connected to a cellular data service with a limited data plan.

For more information search "King Schools Companion" in the App Store, or simply scan this QR code.

King Schools Companion App

The KING ATP (Part 121 / Dispatcher & Part 135) disc course is also available.

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