Instrument Exam Course / Helo Supp. Bndle - DVD PC

Instrument Exam Course / Helo Supp. Bndle - DVD PC Price : $368.00

Buy your Helicopter Supplement with your
Ground School & Test Prep Course—Save $30!

Instrument Rating Helicopter Supplement and Ground School & Test Prep Course Bundle

Master What the FAA Wants You to Know

The Instrument Rating Helicopter Supplement Course works in conjunction with the Instrument Rating Ground School & Test Prep Course. Together they cover everything you need to ace your FAA Helicopter Instrument Written Exam, including all helicopter instrument test areas and all available FAA helicopter instrument questions, answers and detailed explanations.


Once you become a helicopter pilot, you'll fly backwards, sideways and hover! And ... do pedal turns while operating out of an area
no bigger than a back yard!
John explains Helicopter approach procedures
Approach procedures

You'll Learn...

  • FAA Regulations for Helicopters including when you can act as PIC under IFR, recent experience requirements, fuel requirements, minimum criteria, requirements for listing an alternate, and IFR weather minimums
  • Approach Charts including how to interpret approach charts for helicopter flying and how to read Copter charts
  • Helicopter Flight Instruments including what the attitude indicator should read in various flight maneuvers, what to use as primary instruments in different flight situations, what the instruments should read in an autorotation, and how to recover from unusual attitudes
  • Helicopter Flight Plans including how to fill out a flight plan and how to calculate TAS and time enroute

"Outstanding. Passed with a 98%, off your material alone."
Dan Lofgren • Woodland Park, CO

Learn about helicopter aerodynamics

Learn about
Learn about helicopter aerodynamics

Supported Operating Systems: both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Helicopter Flight Instructor Refresher Course
Helicopter CFIs—if you are tired of taking online FIRCs made for airplane CFIs, you now have an option that is relevant, engaging and insightful. For details ... click here.


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