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Collins-Aerospace Pro Line FMS Downloadable Desktop Trainer—
the ideal training tool

A modern Flight Management System (FMS) is one of the most complex, yet vitally important components of a modern cockpit. In today's crowded airspace, it is critical that pilots accurately enter all the necessary flight plan data.

The Collins-Aerospace Avionics Pro Line FMS downloadable desktop trainer is ideal. Pilots can enter all the data for a real flight plan using either single or dual FMSs. Since the simulation uses the same software as the aircraft's FMS, pilots have accurate data they need including navigation, performance, V-Speeds, and more.

This FMS trainer also features representations of all control panels, displays, and non-avionics controls like throttles to practice and master complicated cockpit automation tasks. To confirm their data entries, pilots run a simulation and can watch as that flight is completed from takeoff to touchdown.

With Collins-Aerospace Avionics FMS, you train like you fly

Collins-Aerospace Avionics FMS downloadable desktop trainers are aircraft specific. So the software package you buy is the same as the equipment you have in your aircraft, which greatly enhances the training experience.

From the people who make the avionics.

The FMS trainer is a highly cost-effective solution that enables pilots to virtually train on the equipment they will use in the aircraft. Pilots walk away from a desktop training session with the knowledge and confidence they need to safely operate in today's active ATC environment.

Key Features...
  • The downloadable desktop trainers use the actual avionics software so that they operate exactly like what is in the cockpit
  • Provides virtual Control Display Unit (CDU) and Multifunction Display (MFD) formats
  • Collins-Aerospace Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS) sets are also available

Key Benefits...
  • Practice at your own pace
  • Aircraft specific products to reduce negative habit formation
  • Update navigation databases with the same subscription you use for the aircraft
  • Pre-loading flight plans with the Virtual Avionics saves time and money

Available Collins-Aerospace Pro Line
FMS Downloadable Desktop Trainer
  Windows 7     Windows 10  
Bombardier C Series RPD730 X X
Cessna CJ3 RPD720 X X
Cessna CJ4 w/IFIS & WAAS RPD735 X X
Cessna XLS w/IFIS & WAAS RPD610 X X
Challenger CL-300 RPD625 X X
Challenger CL-350 RPD715 X X
Challenger CL-650 RPD620 X X
Embraer Legacy 500 RPD710 X X
Global 5000/6000 Fusion RPD680 X X
Gulfstream G280 Fusion RPD685 X X

Recommended System Requirements: FMS Downloadable Desktop Trainers are designed to run on 64-bit Windows (versions as noted above). 3.0 GHz Quad Core or greater CPU (not Celeron), 12 GB of memory, 2.5 GB free disk space, Graphics card with 512 MB memory or greater.
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Collins-Aerospace Flight Management System familiarization, driven by the aircraft's actual avionics software and supported by the original avionics supplier—Collins-Aerospace.

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