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Cygnus Connects Real-World Aviation Apps with Flight Simulation

You want your flight simulator experience to be as realistic as possible. Yet, without the ability to use your iPad for real-time tracking information, you´re forced to use more imagination than you´d like...until now.

The Cygnus Pro Wireless connects your favorite flight sim to your favorite aviation app running on your iPad or iPhone. Each sends the location of your simulated aircraft to your iPad, fooling your iPad into believing it is at the same place as your simulated aircraft. This allows you to use any application on your iPad just as you would on an actual flight. It´s a perfect way to learn how to get the most out of your applications and to immerse yourself into your simulated flight.

Cygnus Pro Wireless

A More Accurate and Immersive Experience
You start your virtual flight sim aircraft on a route from The City North Of San Diego With Really Bad Traffic And Smog to Phoenix. As you run through your pre-takeoff checklist on the tarmac, you reach for your Cygnus-connected iPad and launch your moving-map application. Immediately, your virtual craft appears on the LAX plate.
Since real-time weather is enabled in your flight sim, the thunderstorm you see to the north out of your cockpit also appears on the weather app on your Cygnus-connected iPad. You adjust your route accordingly. Inbound to PHX, you look down at your iPad again and refer to the approach plate already tracking your flight on screen.
It´s a perfect way to learn how to get the most out of your applications and to immerse yourself into your simulated flight.

Cygnus Home Direct Connect

  • USB drive with Cygnus software installer and manuals
  • Bad Elf GPS Pro
  • Special USB cable to connect Bad Elf GPS Pro to your computer
How it Works
Cygnus software installs on your computer and automatically connects to any running flight simulation. It then sends the simulator´s position through a special cable that connects your computer to the Bad Elf GPS Pro.
The Bad Elf GPS Pro unit disregards the GPS satellites when the special USB cable is connected and instead believes the simulator airplane´s position. You can then wirelessly connect up to 5 iPads or iPhones to the Bad Elf GPS Pro and it will pass the simulator airplane´s position to each one.
As soon as you disconnect the special cable, the Bad Elf GPS Pro will resume sending the actual GPS position.
Includes Bad Elf GPS Pro
Bad Elf GPS Pro
The Bad Elf GPS Pro that you receive with your Cygnus Pro Wireless system is also a fully functional GPS that you can also use in your airplane, boat, car, or on the trail.
The Bad Elf GPS Pro features a large LCD screen that displays your location, speed, heading, altitude, and GPS lock status at a glance. It also has a long battery life of up to 16 hours and allows you to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously via Bluetooth.
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