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Cygnus Pro Wireless

Wirelessly connect 5 mobile devices

A More Accurate and Immersive Experience
You start your virtual flight sim aircraft on a route from The City North Of San Diego With Really Bad Traffic And Smog to Phoenix. As you run through your pre-takeoff checklist on the tarmac, you reach for your Cygnus-connected iPad and launch your moving-map application. Immediately, your virtual craft appears on the LAX plate.
Since real-time weather is enabled in your flight sim, the thunderstorm you see to the north out of your cockpit also appears on the weather app on your Cygnus-connected iPad. You adjust your route accordingly. Inbound to PHX, you look down at your iPad again and refer to the approach plate already tracking your flight on screen.
It´s a perfect way to learn how to get the most out of your applications and to immerse yourself into your simulated flight.
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