Save time and money by flying for business

Why Fly for Business?

  • No more airline costs
  • Fly directly to business locations
  • Purchase a company aircraft
  • Eliminate layovers and redeye flights
  • Impress customers and associates
  • Enjoy your love of flying
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FREE eBook
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What You Should Know
  • How can I save time flying for business?
    That's easy - flying is faster than driving, and you won't have to spend time on things like layovers and overbooked flights. Plus, you can leave from, and arrive at, smaller airports, which saves on driving time.
  • Won't flying for business cost more money?
    Not necessarily. Flying a small plane can often be less expensive than a commercial ticket would be, especially when you factor in the hours you could save in the process.
  • What kind of pilot's license do I need to fly for business?
    For most situations, a simple private pilot's license will probably meet your needs. Later, you may decide to keep training to become licensed to fly in instrument weather conditions, or earn your commercial pilot's license.
  • Can my company buy an airplane for me to fly?
    You'll want to talk to your employer or your accountant, but it is often possible for a company to purchase a small aircraft affordably, and as a tax-deductible expense.
  • Is it safe to fly myself for business?
    The biggest factor in aviation safety is the pilot. So it's up to you to make good decisions - on the ground and in the air - for the sake of yourself and your passengers.
  • Can I fly with coworkers or clients?
    Absolutely. As a licensed pilot, you are free to travel with friends or business associates, so long as you do so safely. You may be able to reduce costs even further by flying as a group.
  • How would flying for business affect my work schedule?
    Licensed pilots have more flexibility when it comes to meetings and other business events, because they can choose to stay at a destination longer without having to re-book airline tickets.
  • Why else would I fly for business?
    Aside from being convenient, learning to fly is lots of fun. It could open up new travel destinations for you and your family, not to mention business opportunities.
How to Get Your Pilot's License
The 2 Parts to Your Flight Training
Understanding Aviation Concepts
Understanding Aviation Concepts
  • Aerodynamics
  • Weather
  • Communications & more
  • Taking the FAA Knowledge Test
Learn More
Learning to Fly the Airplane
Learning to Fly the Airplane
  • Finding an instructor / flight school
  • Taking your flight lessons
  • Getting your medical certificate
  • Taking the Checkride
Learn More
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Talk to an Aviation Training Expert Now
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FREE eBook
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