Make flying your career

Reasons to Become a Professional Pilot

  • Live and work anywhere
  • Huge employment potential
  • Travel the world
  • Fly jets or small planes
  • Complete your education quickly
  • Get paid to fly!
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FREE eBook
So You Want to Learn to Fly

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What You Should Know
  • Is becoming a professional pilot a good career choice?
    If you love to fly, becoming a professional pilot is a great career choice. You can live or work anywhere, there are hundreds of career paths, and you'll never have to dread going to the office.
  • What kinds of jobs can I get as a pilot?
    The opportunities are virtually endless. With the right training, you could become an airline pilot, fly corporate jets, or even become a certified flight instructor. It all starts with earning your pilot's license.
  • How much do pilots get paid?
    As with any job, a lot will depend on your location, employer, and experience level. Many pilots earn well over $100,000, and even newer pilots can earn a healthy income.
  • Is it hard to find a job as a pilot?
    Trained pilots are in demand around the globe. You'll have to make connections and market yourself to employers, but you can certainly find a job as a pilot if you're committed.
  • How do I choose the right flight school?
    Factors like budget and location are always important, but the key is finding the right fit between what a flight school or college program offers and your long-term aviation goals.
  • What can I do to make my flight training easier?
    Find a flight school you like, stay committed to a career in aviation, and get off to a good start with the best learning materials for new pilots.
How to Get Your Pilot's License
The 2 Parts to Your Flight Training
Understanding Aviation Concepts
Understanding Aviation Concepts
  • Aerodynamics
  • Weather
  • Communications & more
  • Taking the FAA Knowledge Test
Learn More
Learning to Fly the Airplane
Learning to Fly the Airplane
  • Finding an instructor / flight school
  • Taking your flight lessons
  • Getting your medical certificate
  • Taking the Checkride
Learn More
Not sure how to get started?
Talk to an Aviation Training Expert Now
Talk to an Aviation Training Expert Now
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FREE eBook

FREE eBook
So You Want to Learn to Fly
  • Get started on the right path
  • Step-by-step explanations & tips
  • Make well-informed training decisions

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