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Flight Schools

State-of-the-Art Pilot Training System for Flight Schools

Customer Course
  • Online training curriculum—No discs or operating system issues
  • Mobile friendly training—Learning pilots can study offline with FREE iOS Companion Apps
  • Always up-to-date—The training curriculum is continually updated to the latest FAA standards, alleviating the concern of course currency
  • Lifetime course access—No membership fees or subscriptions
  • Access to flight training records—Learning pilots can view their flight training progress through their home-study course
  • Cessna Reference Library—Learning pilots have lifetime access to over 80 aviation reference eBooks, guides, websites and FAA circulars
  • Complete FAA test prep—Flash Cards and an unlimited number of randomly generated practice tests ensure a top score
Flight School
  • Full-featured web-based tracking and recording system—Course Tracking Application (CTA)
  • FREE iOS CTA Companion App for managing flight training progress offline & paperless record keeping
  • Tracking accessible from any computer or tablet device
  • Flight scenarios customizable for your local training environment
  • Tracking and reporting of customer's home study progress and areas of difficulty
  • CTA instructional videos & guides for easy instructor transitioning
  • Documentation resources include:
    • Part 141 approvable syllabi
    • Part 141 process guides
    • Instructor's guides providing insight into using the system
    • Enrollment and graduation certificates
    • Cessna Reference Library
  • Part 141 tips and support
  • Part 141 reports for the FAA
  • Customer activity/non-activity reports for customer engagement tracking
  • Customer email & address label generation for marketing to customers
  • 40% discount on all King Schools Courses
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