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Very helpful in presentation
My school requested that I use King Schools. I was nervous as I heard that there was a lot of information in a short time that was required. When I got logged in, found out that it wasn't that big of a deal! Here is why, they used the addage "how do you eat a elephant? one bite at a time". The videos were short and sweet, straight to the point with a little jokes thrown in to ease the viewer. Very helpful!
Aaron W. 02/22/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Great course
Great practical suggestions for the personal minimum checklist
Robert P. 02/13/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Very Informal
This was a very informable video, yet old in the time frame it was made.
Ryan S. 01/19/2021 Making Your Own Rules
If you actually want to get something out of studying for the written test and not just, well, learn the answers, this course is for you. Great explanations!
Ivan R. 01/17/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Really enjoyed the course
Mauricio 01/16/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
Great source of information about how to protect yourself and others by taking a step back and looking at the, "Big Picture".
Christopher G. 11/29/2020 Making Your Own Rules
Joseph R. 11/29/2020 Making Your Own Rules
Review 4 Making Your Own Rules
Another very easy to follow and thoroughly instructional video from John and Martha! Spoiler alert: Bob became a better pilot and you will too.
David W. 11/27/2020 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
Easy and straight forward.
Matteo M. 11/25/2020 Making Your Own Rules
It was okay
It was okay. I am not a fan of this kind of learning style but my schools forced me to use it.
Gabriel G. 11/12/2020 Making Your Own Rules
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