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Different Questions
The FAA seems to be changing the questions. They were all phrased differently, about 20 of them were close enough to be indefinable from the course material, but about 80 of the questions seemed to be over completely different material. I do not think I would have passed had I not covered other material with YouTube and books from the library.
Kenneth S. 02/19/2023 A&P Mechanic Powerplant Knowledge & Test Prep
Love the class
The Video's and quizzes are a huge help in getting ready to take the exam.  I've used the King Courses for 30 years and passed every exam the first time.  Private, Commercial, Instrument, ATP, Multi-engine Land and sea, & single engine land and sea.  Working on the A&P and passed the Mechanic General today.
Tim P. 01/24/2023 A&P Mechanics General Knowledge & Test Prep
100% recommended
I finished A&P school in 2015 and after 7 years I couldn't remember a lot of things. I used this as a refresher course and helped me a lot to remember the material and pass my Airframe written test todey.
Kevin M. 12/09/2022 A&P Mechanics Airframe Knowledge & Test Prep
very happy.
I passed both Airframe and Powerplant written tests using this program. Could not be happier with the product and results.
Jack S. 03/23/2022 A&P Mechanics Airframe Knowledge & Test Prep
the videos and lessons are perfect for schooling. following along while in class is very helpful. thank you.
Bryce M. 01/10/2022 A&P Mechanics General Knowledge & Test Prep
Out of date; Do not purchase
Horrible test prep.  Did well on practice tests, but bombed the written.  I studied over the course of 3 weeks.  Made note cards to assist with commonly missed questions and it did absolutely nothing fo me.  Maybe 15-20 questions from the study material were on the written exam.
Andrew O. 05/18/2021 A&P Mechanics Airframe Knowledge & Test Prep
Five stars
Very well written and I like how the subjects were split into sub-subjects
Theodore W. 03/26/2021 A&P Mechanics Airframe Knowledge & Test Prep
Great Online School!
I did not attend a 18 month school, so I needed more than just question memorization, I needed instructions and understanding. King School provided in-depth knowledge and instruction as well as visual aids to help aid in the understanding on the material. FAA questions are not always straight forward so having more understanding helps tackle any question from multiple angles.
Malcolm S. 02/25/2021 A&P Mechanics Airframe Knowledge & Test Prep
This program helped a lot
This program helped me pass my Powerplant written test. After trying to study on my own for months and failing the test twice before. This program helped me understand the material so I could make better choices on the test, no matter how the FAA words the question. I recommend this program as a refresher for when you are ready to take the FAA  powerplant written exam.
Jack S. 01/15/2021 A&P Mechanic Powerplant Knowledge & Test Prep
Outstanding A&P Test Prep
Perfect website and easy to navigate.
Alfredo F. 07/01/2020 A&P Mechanics General Knowledge & Test Prep
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