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It is a little less scary...
This course on the "check ride" took a lot of the mystery of what happens on a "check ride" away and at least gave an insight of what a pilot candidate testing could be. This course eased my anxiety and gave me information of practical use. Thank you
Felix V. 04/06/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Great prep tool
Excellent course to prepare me for check-ride and oral review. Glad I purchased this course from King.
John M. 03/30/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
I give it a 90%
I liked it alot.. it was some mistakes on the limits of the LS-Plane that should be fixed but over all I liked it... Going to watch it one more time.. also make a version for the mac
Johnathan S. 02/25/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Good Prep for the Test
Having never flown, the walk thru of a replica check ride and oral exam is reassuring and a great reference.
Good P. 02/09/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Course Completion Review
Well presented and very informative.
02/08/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Very Good
Took for Trike. Most of the information was relevant and helpful. I do wish however that they provided some extra information specific for Trikes. I have enjoyed all the courses I have taken with Kings schools and glad I had. Also special thanks to Andrea the Rep at King. Thank you
Very G. 02/05/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Well done
I thought the practical test course was well thought out however I feel that a CFI or examiner would want me to remember key points in preparation of the checkride and for that I would like to have answered a series of questions similar to the knowledge course to help me commit to memory
Well d. 01/31/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Course Completion Review
The King Sport Pilot Course is another one of Kings EXCELLENT courses...The Course is interactive between Examiner and Student, and plainly explains numerous subject matters dealing with the Sport Pilot Oral Exam.  and the course is very well presented....this is another of King's courses a very very very Rusty Pilot will continue to review often..Thank you King Schools
01/28/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Fantastic Courses
Easy to Learn the Subject Matter, easy to follow, great curriculum, and fun way to Learn all aspects of Pilot training
Fantastic C. 01/26/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Extremely Beneficial
Every Subject area was thoroughly covered in detail...King School made it fun to learn and easy to Learn by following each of the subject areas one at a time...In addition I will be taking most of the subject areas over and over as a refresher and to study for BFR..Thank you King
Willis S. 01/10/2016 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
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