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King Schools introduces their new FREE Flight Instructor Program. Enrolled flight instructors receive access to the KING CFI Dashboard where they can track the progress of their linked students. In addition they receive a free suite of King Schools Ground School & Test Prep courses and associated Practical Test courses, plus access to the King Schools Online Library. Click Here for more information about the KING Flight Instructor Program.
King Schools CFI Program

Syllabi Covers
Use a KING Syllabus for a Complete Flight & Ground Training Program
KING flight training syllabi are available to you and your clients at no cost. They include guidance to create a comprehensive and easy-to-follow roadmap to success. Each syllabus is not only suitable for Part 61 training, but is also Part 141 approvable.
Putting It All Together to Increase Learning Effectiveness
The KING syllabi increase learning effectiveness by ensuring that you and your clients have clearly defined common goals for each flight lesson, and know where the lesson fits into the big picture. Plus, the syllabi provide clear standards so your clients will know when they have done a good job.
Your Clients Will Show Up Fully Prepared
Because these syllabi incorporate the KING Ground School & Test Prep Courses, Practical Test (Oral Exam & Flight Test) Courses and single subject Take-Off Video Courses, your clients will have the opportunity to get ahead of things by starting to learn new concepts at home so they will be prepared for every flight lesson. This will increase client satisfaction by helping them excel at each new task. Most significantly, these syllabi incorporate concepts of risk management and support scenario-based training, ensuring that your graduates are truly prepared to be PIC.
Free Pilot Training Syllabi
Free Pilot Training Syllabi
Instructor's Guide This is a PDF document
  Your overview for integrating the King Schools flight training syllabi and King Schools courses into the programs you offer your flight training customers. You will find recommendations for incorporating the concepts of Scenario Based Training (SBT), Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM), and Learner Centered Grading. You will also see suggestions in the appendices for preparing your learners for solo, solo cross-country, knowledge tests and practical tests.
Private Pilot Training Syllabus This is a PDF document
  Your free flight training and ground study roadmap is used in conjunction with King Schools Private Pilot Get It All Kit. Together, they prepare Private Pilot customers for their written and flight tests. This syllabus should be followed to ensure all requirements are met and tasks mastered to the required level of proficiency.
Instrument Rating Training Syllabus This is a PDF document
  Your free flight training and ground study roadmap is used in conjunction with King Schools Instrument Rating Get It All Kit. Together, they prepare Instrument Rating customers for their written and flight tests. Included is a sequence of flight lessons that build on basic instrument skills while adding the whole new environment of Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) operations. This syllabus should be followed to ensure all requirements are met and tasks mastered to the required level of proficiency.
So You Want to Learn to Fly Cover
FREE So You Want to Learn How to Fly...your guide to make it happen is a unblemished accounting of how your students can go from dreaming about becoming a pilot to making it a reality. Glenn Daly's years of experience as both a Certificated Flight Instructor and Course Developer for King Schools will help guide your students with clear, step-by-step explanations outlining the necessary steps involved in getting their private pilot certificate (private pilot license). Glenn shares his valuable expertise that will ensure your students make well informed decisions about their pilot training, and get them started on the right path to becoming a pilot.

FREE... Online TSA Security Awareness Course

  TSA Security Awareness Training for CFIs can be completed in about an hour using any internet-connected computer or tablet. It provides a TSA-accepted graduation certificate and qualifies for the WINGS program credit.

  While this training is bundled with your FIRC training every two years, it is still necessary to complete this training in the years between FIRCs. We have made this course available for free, so you have a quick and easy way to meet that requirement. For more information and to enroll, visit
FAA Documents
FAA Documents
        FAA Airman Certification Standards / Practical Test Standards Documents This is a PDF document
        When you take a Checkride (Practical Test) for a new Pilot Certificate or Rating, your examiner does not randomly select the tasks you are asked to perform. They are clearly defined in the appropriate FAA standards book. The PTS and the ACS are an agreement between you, your examiner and the FAA on exactly what you can be tested on and the criteria the examiner will use to determine if you meet the standard. You will find at the link the current PTS and ACS books for the most common Certificates and Ratings.

As of November 26, 2018, the ACS replaced the Practical Test Standards (PTS) for the Private Pilot Certificate, the Instrument Rating and the Commercial Pilot Certificate.
FAR/AIM and NTSB Online Repository

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) - Rules prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governing all aviation activities in the United States. The FARs are part of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). A wide variety of activities are regulated, such as aircraft design and maintenance, typical airline flights, pilot training activities, hot-air ballooning, lighter-than-air aircraft, man-made structure heights, obstruction lighting and marking, and even model rocket launches, model aircraft operation, and kite flying. The rules are designed to promote safe aviation, protecting pilots, flight attendants, passengers and the general public from unnecessary risk.

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) - This manual contains the fundamentals required in order to fly legally in the country of origin. It also contains items of interest to pilots concerning health and medical facts, factors affecting flight safety, a pilot/controller glossary of terms used in the ATC System, and information on safety, accident, and hazard reporting. Although the AIM is not regulatory in nature, parts of it re-state and amplify federal regulations.

NTSB Part 830 - Notification and Reporting of Aircraft Accidents or Incidents and Overdue Aircraft, and Preservation or Aircraft Wreckage, Mail, Cargo, and Records. This part gives you the rules to follow if you are involved in an aircraft accident or incident.
Online FIRCs for Airplane and Helicopter CFIs—
Have it Your Way with Electives!
  Customize your FIRC for what interests you most by selecting from a set of electives. The FAA has allowed us to move away from covering the same old topics that you learned as a private pilot and delve into areas that will be more interesting, relevent and sometimes provocative. Electives are drawn from hot topics in flight training, including valuable subjects such as teaching smart tablet use in the cockpit, using flight simulation to help pilots learn, and teaching icing survival.
Hassle-free Renewal—Nothing to send in
  KING Airplane and Helicopter FIRCs incorporate a paperwork-free, completely online renewal process. You will be able to complete the renewal requirements online and you will receive your temporary certificate by email.
Online FIRC Course
Renew your CFI online...
quickly and easily!
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