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Complete Airline Pilot Training Bundle (without Private Pilot)

40 Pilot Courses + Aviation Library

Go from Instrument to Pro! Save on your Career Training!

You'll save $3,300 on this entire bundle ... that's 59% off! Save on Your Career Training! Getting 59% off these time-proven courses is huge, but the most important savings will come in the reduced flight time necessary to reach your goals.
Retail Price: $5,598

$5,598  $2,298 ... 59% off!
Already have your Private Pilot license and want to continue on into an Airline aviation career? With this Airline Pilot Online Training Bundle without Private, you’ll be fully prepared for each flying lesson from Instrument through Flight Instructor and Multiengine, and for all the associated written and practical exams you will take on your way to becoming a Pro. Also includes additional training for your Airline career.
Regardless of where you are training and what is included, KING prep courses will always give you an edge. No other courses simplify and clarify complex subjects like KING—and we make it fun! It's like hiring a private tutor to get you through those tough aviation subjects. We have enhanced this bundle by including the KING Online Aviation Library to enhance your learning experience. The KING Library includes over 85 resources that you have lifetime access to and are always up-to-date!
Your Airline Pilot Training Bundle Includes...
Companion app
NEW! Includes a free iPad and iPhone King Schools Companion App that connects to your King Schools Online Video Courses, and allows you to download course videos so that they can be watched at any time, with or without an Internet connection. For complete information click here, or search "King Schools Companion" in the App Store.
NEW! Includes a free iOS and Android King Schools Flash Card App that connects to your King Schools Online Video Courses, and allows you to opens "stacks" of flashcards by category such as Aerodynamics, Flight Instruments, Sectional Charts, etc, to aid in your question review. For complete information click here
Courses Don't Go Out-of-Date—Guaranteed
Since KING constantly updates the online courses with changes from the FAA, they are guaranteed to be ready when you are, with the most current knowledge that perfectly matching the associated FAA test.
And You Keep the Courses—Forever!
As you move through each milestone, you will want to have great references from past training. With books and most training material from other companies, there is no guarantee that they will still be usable—there could be major changes from the FAA at any time. In fact, many folks end up having to repurchase materials during their flying career.
With KING courses, you not only have access to all online courses you have taken in the past, you also have our guarantee that they will be up-to-date with the latest knowledge requirements. Note: Some of the Professional courses only provide 90-day access after completion. Please see the FAQs section for details.

You're In Control of Your Time
You choose when and where you want to learn.
Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
King Schools "no questions asked" 30 day, money back guarantee.
We pledge to ...
  • ... place you on a pedestal. John and Martha may be the Kings—but to us, the real "kings" are our customers. Customer satisfaction has driven KING for over 40 years.
  • ... maximize your training. King Schools' teaching techniques help you remember facts you'll need—in every training product we create.
  • ... provide free, lifetime tech support. For as long as you own your course, you get this on all KING software and video products—Monday-Friday 8 A.M.-5 P.M. (PT). Contact Information
  • ... make learning enjoyable. Humor is a major component that distinguishes KING materials—and makes the learning process more memorable.
  • ... treat you with integrity. No loopholes, no surprises—we'll never abuse your trust. There's no fine print, no tricks. Never!
King Schools has trained 1 out of every 2 pilots!

  1. What are the system requirements for this course?
    Online course media requires a PC or Mac computer with a broadband Internet connection.
  2. Can I use my smartphone to view the course materials?
    Your course is compatible with the web browser on your Apple or Android device. In addition, the free King Schools Companion app allows you to view your online course(s) on an iPad or iPhone when not connected to the Internet. The free app is available through the iTunes App Store by searching for "King Schools Companion."
    Apple iPhone and iPad - Offline viewing
    The free King Schools Companion app allows you to download and view the video lessons contained in your King Schools Ground School & Test Prep Course (written test course) when not connected to the Internet. This free app is available through the iTunes App Store by searching for "King Schools Companion."
    Follow the steps below to access your online courses offline:
    • Login to your course by following the instructions in the email you'll receive after you complete your order.
    • Download the King Schools Companion app through the iTunes App Store.
    • After launching the Companion App, login using your existing iLearn account username and password.
    • While connected to the internet, download the online course(s) you have purchased.
    • Once your course(s) have finished loading, you can start studying offline!
  3. Are the courses current?
    The FAA frequently updates the required knowledge for each test. King Schools continuously updates all courses ensuring you get the most current instruction available anywhere.
    You should know the purpose of all our Ground School & Test Prep courses is to help you understand principles and concepts the FAA wants you to know and use as a pilot. Where possible, we use actual FAA questions in our courses to let you see how the FAA may test you on a subject. We know that if you understand the underlying concept, you should be able to answer any question about the subject. The FAA wants you to be able to think as a pilot— not just feedback memorized information when you take the test.
    For that reason, as of June 2009, the FAA ceased releasing all test banks to the public. This includes King Schools as well as all other companies that provide similar aviation knowledge courses.
    You have a big advantage with KING because we preserved our database, so we are able to offer to you the questions and explanations which contain the last full test bank that was available from the FAA. Most of the test questions never change because information on aerodynamics, weather and many procedures are constant. What does change are things like regulations and flight operations issues, so we review those changes by the FAA and create sample questions for you to study. We do this in several ways. When the FAA adds new or revised material to the references they use to derive test questions, we know that soon there will be some new questions on the test. Also, when there is a spectacular accident such as Colgan Air in Buffalo, the investigation results showing the probable cause of an accident will eventually result in some new questions.
    Online Course Media - Your online course is always up-to-date as the course is automatically updated whenever changes occur.
  4. Is there a particular order to follow? Are some lessons easier than others?
    You'll want to start with the instrument rating course materials and work your way through each certification/rating.
  5. How much time will it take to complete the course?
    The Ground School & Test Prep courses combined contain over 70 hours of video instruction. King Schools courses are self-paced so completion time for each course will vary from person to person.
    Jet Transition contains approximately four (4) hours of instructional material
    Crew Resource Management (CRM) contains approximately two (2) hours of instructional material.
    High Altitude Endorsement Ground Training Pilot contains approximately three (3) hour of instructional material
    RVSM Pilot Certification contains approximately one (1) hour of instructional material
  6. What if I have a question? Is there a CFI available?
    If you still have a question about your course, you can call us during our normal business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1 858 541-2200. You can also email us at - We have a full staff of pilots and flight instructors available to answer your questions. Please be aware that it may take 24-48 hours to respond to an email so please call us if you need immediate attention.
    Of course, when you take a King Schools course, it is like having a flight instructor with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can review the material as often as you like at any time. Sometimes, you may want to review a video segment a couple of times.
    King Schools Ground School & Test Prep courses contain a text question explanation icon that contains a thorough explanation of the test questions. Click on the icon when you are in the question review that follows each lesson segment and you will have a pop-up window containing a thorough explanation of the test question.
  7. How do I access my course completion certificate?
    Once you have completed all the lessons and answered all the questions in each lesson, you´ll be able to print out your completion certificate.
  8. Can I still access the course material after I complete the course?
    You have lifetime access to your Ground School & Test Prep and Practical Test courses. Remember, with the online media, the course is also automatically updated and will always be current.
    Crew Resource Management (CRM), High Altitude Endorsement Ground Training Pilot, and RVSM have a 90 day review period once you have answered the last question in the course.
  9. How do I receive my endorsement to take the FAA Knowledge Test?
    Once you complete the three practice exams with a score of 70% or higher, you can print out your endorsement.
  10. Where do I take my FAA Knowledge Test?
    You can check the PSI Exams website at for a testing center near you.
  11. Are the Professional courses FAA approved?
    The following courses cover all FAA required general topics for all operators.
    On select courses(*), each operator needs to supplement our course with aircraft and/or company specific items from your ops spec to obtain your POI’s approval to use the course in your training program.
    *Crew Resource Management (CRM)
    High Altitude Endorsement Ground Training Pilot
    *RVSM Pilot Certification
    Jet Transition is designed to provide an overview of jet aircraft operations.
    We have found that most FSDOs are familiar with our training but if yours is not, you can provide them with a copy of any course syllabus by downloading it from our site before you purchase a course. Additionally, if there are still any concerns, we will provide FAA inspectors with a course key for any courses you are considering at no charge to you or the FAA for them to review. The only requirement for the complementary course is that it must be sent to an FAA e-mail address.
  12. How often do I need to renew my RVSM?
    If you are flying under Part 91 – You need to check whether the insurance company or company you are flying for has a required renewal timeframe. (The FAA does not have a specific time indicated for renewals.) There is no FAR that sets a requirement for RVSM Recurrency for Part 91 operations. Under the LOA, the FAA expects that the person designated as the responsible individual will ensure that all pilots are qualified to operate the aircraft. Depending on the relationship with your POI you may or may not have training requirements specified in your agreement or operations manual. The primary driver is more likely company policy, personal standards or insurance considerations. LOAs used to expire after 24 months and again it was between the operator and the POI what was required to renew the LOA. LOAs are aircraft (tail number) specific and now must be renewed only when any one of three things happen: (1) change of equipment, (2) change of ownership, and (3) change of responsible individual. Again, it will be between you and the POI as to what will be required to issue a new LOA if any of those things change.
    If you are flying under Part 135 – You need to check with your Chief Pilot and Training Manual as the renewal time may vary.

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Taming Stalls & Spins
83 minutes
Jet Transition
4 hours
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