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King Companion Apps

King Schools Companion Apps—Mobile Solutions to Help You Ace Your Test!
The KING Companion Apps family are the perfect solution for traveling or when connected to a cellular data service with a limited data plan.
The KING Companion App enables you to download and watch videos plus answer the video lesson questions for most of King Schools courses. You can download your next lessons while connected to a Wi-Fi service and then interact with them offline. Once you reconnect, all you progress will be synced with the servers and available the next time you access your course.
The KING Test Prep App provides you with three ways to prepare you to ace your test - Question Review, Practice Exams and Flashcards.
The KING Apps are free downloads. See below for more details and links to download.
King Test Prep App Features
The KING Test Prep App features Question Review,
Flashcards and Practice Exams
The FREE KING Companion App Connects your iPad or iPhone to your King Schools Courses
King Schools Companion App
No Internet Connection—No Problem
King Schools Companion app lets you download your next lessons while connected to a Wi-Fi service before you go. Once you reconnect, all your progress will be synced with the KING servers and available the next time you access you course.
You can stop watching a video at any time and when you come back, you will pick up right where you left off. The app will also know what questions you have previously answered—and if they were last answered correctly or incorrectly.
Switch Seamlessly Between Your iPad, iPhone and Computers
Since your progress is automatically synced with our servers, you can start out using whatever device or computer is at hand and then switch seamlessly to a different device or computer without missing a beat. There is no need to choose between online, web-based or iPad/iPhone courses. With King Schools, you can have it all at no extra charge!
Get Your Companion App Today
To get your free Companion App, Click Here, or simply scan this QR code.
King Schools Companion App
Note: To use the app, you must have a King Schools iLearn account containing at least one King Schools Online Video Course. If you have not yet purchased a King online course, enroll in one of our free courses—like all our online courses, they work perfectly with the Companion App.
NEW KING Test Prep App
Practice anywhere for FREE & ACE your next FAA Knowledge Test
KING Test Prep App
The KING Test Prep App is a free download from the Apple App Store is designed to put the final polish on your test preparation.
You may be like many Pilots today and have very high expectations for your FAA written test results. Want to score a 100% or close to it? The KING Test Prep App is just one part of the KING Study Method designed to achieve that high score.
You will find the interface simple and intuitive. Selecting a course downloads the preparation materials for that course and you're ready to practice using our vast question database in Question Review, Flashcards and FAA-style Practice Exams complete with figures. No need for additional test prep materials—everything you need to pass your test is at your fingertips!
  • Preparation materials are downloaded allowing use when off-line.
  • Search finds questions on any topic.
  • Study questions in Question Review, quiz yourself using Flashcards, then prepare with unlimited FAA-style Practice Exams
  • Compatible with KING Ground School and Test Prep courses for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, CFI, FOI, CFII, ATP, A&P and Drone Pilot.
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone.
Note: The NEW KING Test Prep App replaces our previous Flashcard App. You'll still enjoy King's excellent flashcard features along with the new features of practice exams and question review. Most Flashcard App users will automatically be upgraded to the Test Prep app with no action necessary. If you prefer to update manually, you can update by visiting the app store.
Get Your KING Test Prep App Today
To get your free KING Flashcard App, Click Here for the Apple App Store or for the Google Play Store Click Here, or simply scan the QR code for your app store.
KING Test Prep App for iOS
KING Test Prep App on Apple App Store
King Schools Flashcard App for Android
KING Test Prep App on Google Play Store
Note: In order to use the KING Test Prep app, you must be enrolled in a King Schools iLearn course that includes test prep.
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