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Sport Pilot Courses

Earning your Sport Pilot Certificate is the fastest way to a pilot certificate—and flying an LSA or light sport aircraft has never been easier with greater aircraft availability and a growing pilot and instructor community. With fewer restrictions and fewer required training hours, the sport pilot certificate just may be the ticket to help get you flying on your own, quickly.

Sport Pilot Get It All Kit

$1,166 $649

Sport Pilot Written & Checkride Combo

$653 $439

Cessna Sport / Private Pilot Kit

Your Sport/Private Pilot Online Course, developed in partnership with Cessna, is web-based and includes flying previews that can be downloaded to your mobile device.

Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep

This course shows you a real-world Sport Pilot Practical Test including both the oral and flight portions.
  • FREE lifetime course access and automatic updates
  • Ace Your FAA Sport Pilot Oral & Sport Pilot Practical Test — Guaranteed!
$199 $139
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