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Excellent course...and best said in those few, meaningful words.
Andrew F. 04/07/2023 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Best Course on check ride
This is the BEST course for check ride I have ever seen.  I've taken 3 so far and this one is at the top.
Thanks for such a comprehensive review of a check ride.  This is going to make my check ride much better than if I had not taken this course.
Robert D. 03/04/2023 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Good coverage
Great content and in context.
Stephen S. 02/08/2023 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Course Completion Review
Awesome! Well done
Kevin M. 01/30/2023 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
incredibly helpful
I've watched this series of videos several times in preparation for my Sport Pilot check ride. Watching John answer a wide variety of questions and respond to Rusty's test scenarios is so helpful. They bring the test environment to life and take some of the fear out of the equation. Hopefully, it will pay off when I take my check ride.
Mitchell H. 11/17/2022 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Always a pleasur- no screamer
As above, a cool and calm way to get your pilot license ……. They have it down to an art. Take a look at all their courses many of which are free. Safe flying
Alan C. 09/12/2022 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Best training I have ever received.  Made it enjoyable and easy to learn and retain the knowledge necessary to pass both the written and practical exams.
Lee R. 08/14/2022 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
More confident now
The website is very interactive and intuitive.
Jason C. 07/25/2022 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Thank you for the overview
This was a good review of what to expect for the check ride. It was enjoyable to watch and to review along with John
Josh D. 07/22/2022 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
Fantastic Course!
Watching this check ride course has relieved a lot of anxiety as to what to expect. Step-by-step guided instruction in the various phases of the check ride make it easy to follow and readily understandable.
Louis K. 06/06/2022 Sport Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
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