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Lifetime Access

Did you know that King Schools provides lifetime access for most of their courses?
Lifetime access means no recurring subscription payments. Once you purchase one of the eligible courses it's yours to access for life! If you need to pause your studies, no worries of needing to continue subscription payments, just return to your course when you're ready and continue right where you left off.
Another benefit of lifetime access is that King Schools continuously reviews and updates their Ground School & Test Prep courses to keep them up-to-date with FAA testing and to ensure they remain current and relevent. With lifetime access, your courses will receive all updates, even after you complete it. Many King Schools students tell us they enjoy being able to review their courses long after completion and are pleasently surprised when new or updated content is present.
Updated Lab
Updated Lessons
Course updates are indicated with red bubbles
In the above example, the King Schools Drone Test Prep course was completed in 2017, but can still be accessed today. The red bubble on the "Regulations" lab indicates that there have been eleven updates since it was completed. Selecting that lab shows the updated lessons, also indicated with red bubbles. Also shown is that there have been two new lessons added since the lab was completed; completed lessons have green text and the yellow text shows lessons to take.
The following courses include lifetime access:
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