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Your First Flying Lesson

Let Barry take you on a video flying adventure from taxiing and takeoff, to landing and lunch, giving you solid information in a relaxed and enjoyable style for your first flying lesson.
40 minutes
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Your First Flying Lesson

You'll learn what it's like to experience your first flying lesson as Barry takes you on a video flying adventure from San Diego to Catalina Island. Before embarking on your flight, Barry shows the parts of the airplane and how they work both from the outside of the airplane and inside. Additionally you'll be shown the controls on the dashboard and what their purposes are. From taxiing and takeoff, to landing and lunch, you'll receive solid instruction in a relaxed and enjoyable style during your first video flying lesson.

If you've ever dreamed of soaring with the eagles or ever imagined yourself enjoying the freedom of flying, then you'll love this great introductory flight lesson. If you are thinking about pilot training or taking a discovery flight, we will show you just how thrilling it is when you takeoff for the very first time.

Join Barry in the pilot's seat and see how fun flying can be! This exciting video is a great way to see what flying is all about ... and it's perfect course to give your friends or prospective student pilots.

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Unedited Customer Reviews
Thank you for providing so beautiful course foe free.
Arun L. 05/21/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Looking forward to learning with Kings Schools
William M. 05/20/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Easy to navigate the website!
Lana H. 05/16/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
First flight lesson
General knowledge and introduction are great.
Stacie G. 05/15/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Love it
Great Teacher.
Syed S. 05/14/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Amazing explanation
Well explained
Tayri M. 05/13/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Great initial flight intro!
Enjoyed watching the initial flight while learning basic understanding of flight instruments, flight concepts and navigation. Thank you!
Gearld 05/13/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Course Completion Review
Andrew K. 05/10/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Great overview of the flight
There is a ton of information here and so much to learn. Definitely worth checking it out!
Nathan F. 05/03/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
Good Video
Good Video with lots of information.
Justin 04/30/2023
Your First Flying Lesson
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