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Redbird TD & Accessories

Redbird TD Table-Mount
The Redbird TD Table Mounted Simulator
professional BATD training—at an affordable price!
Call your Pilot Training Advisor for complete purchase details (800) 854-1001 or +1 (858) 541-2200 worldwide
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Call your Pilot Training Advisor for complete purchase details (800) 854-1001 or +1 (858) 541-2200 worldwide

$8,999 TD G1000 Panel
$8,999 TD Analog Gauge Panel
$9,999 TD2 G1000 Panel
$9,999 TD2 Analog Gauge Panel

The best simulator to sharpen your skills and stay current at your convenience
This is what's included
  • One cockpit configuration (analog or G1000)
  • 27" monitor
  • Computer completely configured and ready to run
  • Instrument panel
  • Keyboard
  • Speakers
  • Documentation
  • Redbird Rudder Pedals Included
Sharpen Your Skills ... Anytime!
  Whether you are a flight school interested in enhancing your training with simulation, or an individual pilot looking to hone your skills from the comfort of your home or office, the Redbird TD is the perfection solution.
  • Start your flight on the ground at any airport or in the air
  • Fly day or night in VFR or IFR conditions
  • Practice aircraft failures and emergency procedures
  • Shoot instrument approaches to minimums at any airport in the world
  • Practice cross-country flights to unfamiliar airports before you get in the airplane
TD Platform
TD2 Model Available for Complex Airplanes!
The Redbird TD now also comes in a TD2 model that adds propeller and gear controls to the hardware and manifold pressure gauge and gear position indicators to the display. If you are flying a complex airplane, you will want this model to ensure you complete your GUMPS check at the right times. The TD2 model also allows the selection of a "simple" airplane, which disregards the prop and gear controls. This gives you the option to start with the simple model and grow into the complex, or to select the right model for a customer in your flight school.
Ergonomic Design Enhances Learning
Traditional "desktop" flight training devices sit on top of a table or desk, causing the pilot to reach up for the yoke and to look unrealistically high for the gauges and outside visuals. The Redbird TD is different. Designed with the ergonomics of flight in mind, the TD´s unique mounting system allows it to be mounted under the table, placing the yoke, switches, gauges and visuals in the correct and most realistic position for the pilot.
Traditional desktop vs Redbird TD
Maintain Your Instrument Currency
Effective July 27, 2018
The new FAA rule on IFR recurrency requirements will allow you to maintain your currency without the need for an instructor when using this Redbird BATD to perform your required recurrency training—and at a far less cost than flying an airplane. Not only will you save time and money, but with a good currency plan, you will stay sharp by regularly practicing the real-world failures that can occur. While regularly practicing instrument flying in the airplane is critical to safety, you can stay sharp by incorporating the TD into your overall currency plan.

  This home simulator will really keep you sharp! Unlike other "desktop" models, the TD places the yoke and controls under the table, achieving the feel of a real cockpit while you practice instrument procedures to any airport in the world, or maybe pre-fly that upcoming cross-country.

  It can also be ordered with either "glass" or "analog" instrument panel—each option providing realistic system failures. With airplane manufacturers restricting the use of circuit breakers to simulate system failure in the air, a good simulator has become essential in preparing to deal with emergencies and the Redbird sims really deliver.

  I have to tell you though, what we like most about the family of Redbird simulators is that they take advantage of the very latest technology to deliver unheard of capabilities at stunningly low price points. This fits our mission of providing highly effective training that leads to safe, fun flying!

John and Martha
Flight Schools:
Enhance your training options by adding a simulator to your "flight line"—at a very low cost of acquisition and ownership. For only $7,999 ($8,999 for the TD2 model) you can substantially increase the quality of the training you provide your customers by incorporating a simulator into your syllabus. There is good reason why most insurance companies insist on sim training to fly jets. You can practice failures and situations that simply would not be safe in the air. Don´t just talk to your students about dealing with difficult situations, put them in front of the TD so they can practice the skills that can be a true life-saver!
Redbird TD Accessories
Call your KING Pilot Training Advisor for details or to place your order at (800) 854-1001 or +1 (858) 541-2200 worldwide
Panel Expansion Packs
Redbird TD Panel Expansion Packs
You will not be locked into your choice of G1000 or Analog panel—you can have both! Simply order the optional expansion pack at any time and have the ability to quickly swap between the two.
Redbird TD/TD2 G1000 Expansion Pack
Price: $2,595
Redbird TD/TD2 Analog Gauge Expansion Pack
Price: $2,595
Horizon Monitor
Horizon Monitors
Take your flight training to a new level of realism with 60 inches of additional visuals to expand your field of view for a more effective and engaged training experience. This expansive display allows you to fly a wide range of visual maneuvers not possible on other desktop simulators. Horizon is available for the Redbird TD or TD2.
Price: $1,695
Redbird TD/TD2 Table
Redbird TD/TD2 Trainer Table
Designed specifically for the Redbird TD and TD2, the Redbird TD table places your Redbird TD/TD2 trainer at the ergonomically correct height. Provides table space for your TD/TD2 keyboard, speakers and training materials.
Price: $629
Redbird TD/TD2 Platform
Redbird TD Platform
Looking for the ultimate upgrade for your Redbird TD or TD2? This custom-designed platform features a 4' 10" x 3' 8" durable base. The platform includes a Redbird TD Table, high quality FMX rudder pedals and pilot seat, all of which are mounted to the platform to prevent sliding during use. Perfect for flight schools.
Price: $3,595
Redbird Alloy RD1 Rudder Pedals
Redbird Alloy RD1 Rudder Pedals
Gain FAA-Approved Experience
With the Redbird Alloy RD1 rudder pedals the Redbird TD is approved as a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) by the FAA. It is then authorized per 61.4(c) for use in satisfying the Tasks/Maneuvers and Procedures under parts 61 and 141. See download links above for latest FAA authorization letters.
These all-metal RD1 Pedals use the same technology found in Redbird's professional-grade simulators, so they are not only realistic, they're virtually indestructible. These feature rugged, all-metal design means enhanced durability and reliability, self-centering rudder axis provides a realistic feel, differential toe brakes allow for precise ground handling.
Included with TD and TD2
Cygnus Connects Real-World Aviation
Apps with Flight Simulation
Cygnus Wireless Pro
You want your flight simulator experience to be as realistic as possible. Yet, without the ability to use your iPad for real-time tracking information, you're forced to use more imagination than you'd like...until now.
The Cygnus Pro Wireless connects your favorite flight sim to your favorite aviation app running on your iPad or iPhone. It sends the location of your simulated aircraft to your iPad, fooling your iPad into believing it is at the same place as your simulated aircraft. This allows you to use any application on your iPad just as you would on an actual flight. It's a perfect way to learn how to get the most out of your applications and to immerse yourself into your simulated flight.
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