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Professional / Turbine

Fast, easy and inexpensive. Get the state-of-the-art, best training available today. And with most of our pro/turbine courses, you´ll have the ease, speed and portability of online study, so you can track your progress from any Internet location—no hotels or travel and at a fraction of the cost of location-dependent trainers.

Enjoy the clear, simple and fun approach that has made KING courses the choice for nearly 1 out of every 2 pilots for over 40 years.

RVSM Pilot Certification

RVSM—Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum—allows flight at FL290 and above with only 1000' of vertical separation. This course gives you everything you need as a pilot to become certified for RVSM operations. Sign up now and start learning immediately!

International Flight Operations Overview

International operations are full of pitfalls and traps, and require specific additional knowledge to avoid them. You’ll learn practical how-to information, so you won’t be surprised, and will know how to be fully prepared for your international flight.

Oceanic RNP Pilot Certification

Airspace in much of the Pacific mandates Oceanic Required Navigation Performance (RNP) capability.

P-RNAV /B-RNAV Pilot Certification

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and EUROCONTROL require pilot training and authorization to fly Precision and Basic Area Navigation (P-RNAV / B-RNAV) procedures in Europe.

NAT HLA (MNPS) Pilot Certification

Operation in the airspace of the North Atlantic from FL290 to FL410 inclusive requires North Atlantic High Level Airspace (NAT HLA, formerly MNPS) authorization from your country’s civil aviation authority. NAT HLA authorization requires specific aircrew training.

ADS-B Pilot Certification for Int'l Operations

ADS-B training is required now for international operators. This course provides initial and recurrent general ADS-B ground training requirements for Part 91, 135, or 125 operations.

ETOPS Pilot Certification

In this Extended Range Operations (ETOPS) course (also referred to as Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards), you'll get introductory and refresher training for Part 135 flight operations at extended ranges from adequate airfields.

High-Altitude Endorsement Ground Training

This is a fun, quick way to get the ground training endorsement the FAA requires to act as PIC of a pressurized aircraft that is capable of flying above 25,000 feet. Get the best training available today with the ease, speed, and portability of online training.

High-Altitude Physiology

If you don't need a high-altitude endorsement, but you want to understand what happens to your body when you fly at higher altitudes, then this course is for you. Explains and refreshes you on high-altitude physiology.

High-Altitude Weather

Covers weather and forecasting for flights above FL250. Includes hazardous weather and how to avoid it!

High-Altitude Aerodynamics

This High-Altitude Aerodynamics course provides the information to keep you safely inside restricted flight envelopes encountered when flying at high altitude in an efficient, effective, practical, and easy to understand format.

Jet Transition

To a pilot with a piston-powered background, there is no greater thrill than transitioning to jets. You'll be flooded with the excitement and sensations of hearing a jet engine wind up ... the semi-sweet smell of jet fuel ... the exhilaration of hearing the jet engines follow you wherever you go ... and the great power as you move the throttles forward.

Cleared for Multi-Engines

This course will make your multi-engine training safer, more fun and more efficient!

RNAV-1 & RNAV-2 Pilot Certification

This course provides all the general information required by AC 90-100A for pilot training and authorization as well as required testing for commercial operators. Just add company and aircraft specific information to obtain RNAV-1 and RNAV-2 authorization in your Ops Specs.

Introduction to Radar

When you finish this course in basic radar use, you will feel that radar is simple to understand and easy to use. We guarantee that you'll learn how to use your radar effectively in just one to two hours.

Icing Operations Pilot Certification

Get required FAA initial and recurrent training for pilots for ground and in-flight icing conditions when operating under Part 91K, Part 125 and Part 135.


TAWS (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) is designed to prevent Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT). CFIT is the cause of an astonishing 17% of all GA fatalities. You are 8 times more likely to have a fatal CFIT accident than a midair collision.

Part 135 On-Demand and Commuter Pilot Get It All Kit

This Part 135: Commuter and On-Demand Pilot - Get It All Kit gives you all the knowledge you'll need FAST—at a huge savings. These online courses are designed to make the most complex concepts clear and fun. In fact, these courses are so jargon-free, you'll probably wind up saying "What's the big deal?"

Part 135 Initial Pilot Training

Get the most comprehensive and efficient initial ground training for your pilots. Whatever the size of your operation, this online course will give your pilots the training they need—with clear explanations of complex concepts.
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