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Course Completion Review
It was ok, I was hoping for 3585 examples.
Chase B. 03/21/2023 Part 121 Airline Operations
Part 121 Airline Operations
This course is useful not only to pilots but also to ground operations workers (Ops Agent and Ramp Agent) and to Supervisors (Above the Wing, Below the Wing, and Duty Supervisors at smaller stations)
James D. 12/04/2022 Part 121 Airline Operations
Course Completion Review
Outstanding video product, although for a course that is completed in less than one hour, it is possibly at a somewhat high price point for the intended audience.  

I'm already a Part 121 pilot but found this to be a great review of the subjects I had to learn the hard way and/or never quite really understood well.  I see room for expansion to add other topics of interest to prospective airline pilots to this course, like what to expect in a typical AQP training footprint, how to employ CRM to abnormal/emergency procedures, etc.
Jeremy H. 06/16/2021 Part 121 Airline Operations
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