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Meet Barry Knuttila

CEO and Part Owner of King Schools, Inc.

Barry Knuttila, CEO of King Schools

Barry is a refugee from corporate America. In 2002, he was a VP at a billion-dollar software company. Needing a break, Barry, a passionate pilot, gave himself the gift of 2 years to enjoy improving King Schools’ technology and doing a lot of flying before looking for his next “real job”. But then that was 21 years ago…

As CEO, Barry guides King Schools corporate strategy, operations, and growth. He also appears as an on-camera instructor in many of King’s video courses. Barry is an aviation subject matter expert focused on ensuring that King Schools customers have a wonderful experience with King Schools and our products. He is a Flight Instructor, and he holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with a Falcon 10 type rating. Barry has logged time in 45 aircraft types including flying on floats, skis and flying aerobatic, formation and air combat fun tours with his partners in 3 Great Lakes biplanes. On top of that, he has recently developed a new passion after learning to fly helicopters. Barry especially enjoys trading seats with John and Martha in King Schools’ old Falcon 10 jet and lately also with his wife, Virginie, who is type-rated in the airplane and is also a passionate pilot. Together, Barry and Virginie also own a Beechcraft Debonair and love to fly together whenever possible.

Certificates and Ratings
held by Barry Knuttila

Airline Transport Pilot
  • Airplane Multiengine Land
Type Ratings
  • Falcon 10
Commercial Privileges
  • Airplane Single Engine Land
  • Airplane Single Engine Sea
Private Pilot Privileges
  • Rotorcraft-Helicopter
Remote (Drone) Pilot
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft System
Flight Instructor
  • Airplane Single and Multiengine
  • Instrument Airplane
Ground Instructor
  • Advanced
  • Instrument
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