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Study Method

The Proven KING VIP Study Method—Get a Top Gun score on your FAA Written Exam
Following the KING Study Method will ensure you don't just pass - but that you score very high on your exam. You don't need to purchase any other test prep, it is all here and proven by hundreds of thousands of successful customers. 97% pass their exams on the first try and we give away a ton of "Ace" hats for perfect scores
With the King Study Method you aren't just memorizing answers to pass your test, you will understand the concepts and terminology that will make you a better and safer pilot.
The KING Study Method works in three steps that King Schools calls "VIP Learning". Video Instruction, Interactive Questions, Practice and Recall:
John & Martha outline the VIP Study Method
Video Instruction
John talks about video instruction
Complete all KING Labs/Lessons
  1. Each lesson consists of a 5-10 minute teaching video that simplifies and clarifies what you need to know.
  2. Each lesson is followed by FAA-style questions.
    1. Study the detailed explanations for any questions you miss, or are not sure of.
    2. Mark questions that give you difficulty or you feel you should review later.
    3. Your course will automatically keep track of all questions you have ever missed for later review.
Interactive Questions
Focus on Question Review
  1. Take all "Unanswered Questions." This will present new ways of asking the same questions you answered with your lessons.
  2. Answer all "Marked Questions." Read each explanation and if you don't understand it, watch the associated video. When confident, unmark the question.
  3. Re-take all "Questions Ever Missed" to reinforce the correct answers—even if you last answered it correctly. If you miss a question again, read the explanation and watch the associated video.
  4. Review each question category and answer questions from any areas where you don't feel confident.
Martha talks about interactive questions
Practice and Recall...
Check Your Readiness with Flashcards and Practice Tests
Download the free KING Flashcard Companion App and review the questions for each study category until you have given each card a "Thumbs Up." This step solidifies the knowledge and correct answers. Visit our Flashcard Companion App page for more information.
  1. Take 3 curated exams carefully developed to simulate your FAA test.
    1. Mark each question that gives you difficulty for later review.
    2. Score your test and go through incorrectly answered questions, reading the detailed explanation, and watching the associated video if needed to clarify.
    3. Review any marked questions so you will feel confident the next time.
  2. Retake any exams where you scored less than 80% until you are scoring high.
  3. Your course is now complete, and you can print out your test endorsement and schedule your test. But don't take your test quite yet!
  4. Now, take random exams repeatedly until you are consistently scoring 80% or better. If you really want a Top Gun score, after each random exam, follow the procedure above regarding missed and marked questions.
  5. You are now ready!
Barry talks about practice and recall

Download the King Flashcard App to help you prepare for your FAA exams
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