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King Schools Scholarships

King Schools Scholarships and Aviation Support
      WAI Winners
Pilar Wolfsteller receives Women in Aviation International's Martha King Scholarship for a Female Flight Instructor
Charnell Walls is the 2022 King Schools Scholarship winner
Sarah Tamar is the 2021 King Schools Scholarship winner
2020 Martha King Scholarship for Female Flight Instructors winner Anna Stanphill
WAI 2019 Scholarship recipient Missy Martin
2018 WAI Scholarship Winner - Sarina Houston
2017 WAI Scholarship Winner - Marissa Colclasure
2016 WAI Scholarship Winner - Lindsey Dreiling
King Schools Scholarships
2024 WAI Scholarship winner Jamie Klaes
2024 NAFI Scolarship winner Eric Heigis
Women in Aviation International and the National Association of Flight Instructors have partnered with King Schools to provide annual scholarships to highly qualified members of those organizations. Eleven scholarship winners since 2016 have received $5,000 that has been used to achieve new ratings or their flight instructor certificate. They also were given lifetime access to the entire King Schools online course library of more than 100 courses including FIRCs for life. The value of each scholarship is over $19,000.
Information about how to apply for the 2025 WAI Martha King Scholarship for Female Flight Instructors will be announced in early 2024.

Information about how to apply for the 2025 NAFI/King Schools Scholarship will be announced in Summer 2024.
A primary mission of King Schools is to create courses that make learning smart, safe and fun. Martha and John King are co-chairmen of King Schools, the largest provider of online training for pilots from student through professional. John and Martha have been supporting individuals and organizations that have a passion for aviation ever since they started the company in 1974.
King Schools also provides many aviation organizations with support by providing courses for their events, fund raising and raising awareness. To apply for support, please fill out the form here.
For more information about our Scholarship Winners Click Here
NAFI Winners      
NAFI 2023 Scholarship recipient Tracy Atobatele
NAFI 2022 Scholarship recipient Leah Murphy
NAFI 2021 Scholarship recipient Allen Reenders
NAFI 2020 Scholarship recipient Nobi Buntin
NAFI 2019 Scholarship recipient Andrea Garcia
2018 NAFI Scholarship Winner - Pete Muntean
2017 NAFI Scholarship Winner - Terry Carbonell
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