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Cessna Integrated Training

These innovative courses, developed in partnership with Cessna, are complete training courses that integrate ground and flight training to take you from zero time to your new certificate or rating.
All Cessna online courses are always kept current and are available to use anywhere you have a high speed Internet connection or you can take your Cessna course on your iPad or iPhone—even when offline!
The Cessna Sport/Private Pilot and Instrument course lessons can be downloaded onto an iPad or iPhone and viewed later when online or offline with the Cessna Companion App, the Commercial - Cleared for Hire, Cleared for Multi-Engines and Cleared for Flight Instructing course lessons can be downloaded onto an iPad or iPhone and viewed later when online or offline with the King Schools Companion App. Both are available to download at Apple App Store.

Cessna Sport / Private Pilot Kit

Your Sport/Private Pilot Online Course, developed in partnership with Cessna, is web-based and includes flying previews that can be downloaded to your mobile device.

Cessna Instrument Rating Kit

Now, Cessna Pilot Centers make it easier to accomplish that challenging goal, with a comprehensive program that is rewarding—and downright fun! Once you obtain your Instrument rating, you’ll be a safer, more competent pilot. Unexpected clouds will become less daunting, and you’ll enjoy flying more—even in VFR! You'll have earned the right to pierce the clouds, to bask in the glorious sunshine hidden from those you left below. And you'll think... "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Commercial Pilot Kit - Cleared for Hire

Your Cleared for Hire Online Course is a complete ground school & flight training prep course rolled into one. You’ll see expert video demonstrations of every maneuver you will fly along with clear explanations of how to perform them yourself.

Cleared for Flight Instructing

You'll learn all the subject areas you need to become a knowledgeable and confident flight instructor. Ace the FAA CFI, AGI and FOI exams with confidence as you'll be up-to-date with the most current information the FAA wants you to know.

Cleared for Multi-Engines

This course will make your multi-engine training safer, more fun and more efficient!
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