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Cockpit Gear

Time, tested and true—these are the pilot training supplies that King Schools recommends due to their functionality and durability. Every student pilot needs a log book, E6B and a plotter—Flying IFR? We have the kneeboard and view limiting device just for you!

VFR/IFR Cockpit Card

VFR side features airspace requirements, temperature conversions, FAA flight plan, UTC conversions, light gun signals, and frequencies and squawks—plus METAR / TAF codes. IFR side gives you required reports, crossing a fix / FAF memory aids, pre-approach items, pop-up clearance items, temperature conversion chart, VOR check requirements, two-way radio communications failure regs, and holding pattern entry procedures.

KING E6B Flight Computer / Plotter

King E6B Plotter

Tech Gear Organizer

KING Tech Gear Organizer
Tame the mess of cords in your flight bag
More Pilots are relying on their electronics and EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), so we designed the Tech Gear Organizer to keep those items organized. This handy little zippered pouch offers Velcro, zipper, and bungee enclosures to keep your cords, batteries and pens neat and orderly.
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