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The Benefits of an Instrument Rating

Dear Fellow Pilot,
Imagine the freedom you'd have if you already had your instrument rating.
With your instrument rating you could take weekend trips to remote locations and count on being back on schedule.
But first you must pass your FAA Instrument Rating Knowledge Test...the most problematic obstacle pilots ever have to face...and certainly the one they fret about the most.
John King
John King
Yet passing your Instrument exam does not have to be as difficult as you may have been led to believe. The fact is, you can lock in a top passing grade right now simply by ordering the most popular, easiest-to-learn-with course of its kind ever developed. King School's Instrument Rating Computer-based Interactive Video™ Course—priceless instruction that will help make your every ILS approach a snap, even in the worst weather conditions.
Everything an Instrument Rated Pilot is required to know
Even if you're already enrolled in a ground school, this KING Computer-based Interactive Video™ course is for you. That's because it doesn't matter how good a pilot you are if you can't pass the FAA Knowledge Test. Without the detailed, specific preparation that KING gives you, you're at a real disadvantage. And you'll be a better, safer pilot too because you'll pass your Knowledge Test based on understanding—not rote memorization.
Your King School's Instrument Rating Computer-based Interactive Video™ Course is a complete ground school with absolutely nothing left out, You'll learn from my wife, Martha, and myself. We've taught hundreds of thousands of pilots just like you and we'd love to share our passion and enthusiasm for flying. We see our job as making flying concepts clear, simple and fun...and we're very proud that King Schools has successfully taught more than 1 out of every 2 pilots to fly. Moreover, this is accelerated instruction. You'll move quickly from "zero" knowledge to complete command of every aeronautical principle, type of problem and key fact the FAA requires you to know and understand—and will ask you to recall when you take your test!
State-of-the-art learning
Your King School's Instrument Rating Computer-based Interactive Video™ Course is produced with multiple high-resolution cameras, full-color graphics, 3-D animation, scores of live-action scenes and "monster" graphics...charts, working dials, symbols and other details in video close-ups that fill the entire screen. Your learning is easy and even the most difficult concepts and problems become simple to understand—and remember.
Only the King School's Instrument Rating Computer-based Interactive Video™ Course lets you:
  • Learn with hundreds of bite-sized, full-screen teaching segments
  • Reinforce your learning with actual FAA test questions after each segment
  • View all graphs and charts right on your computer screen
  • Choose full video or text explanations...or both
  • Retake missed questions automatically
  • See your progress continuously with automatic tracking
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses with intuitive reports and charts
  • Review FAA questions by subject area, FAA Learning Statement Codes, questions missed, questions not yet answered, or in any combination
  • Type in any word and find all FAA questions available containing that word
And your KING Computer-based Interactive Video™ Course features stunning, super-sharp, full-screen video that lets you be as portable as your computer. The Instrument Rating course is available in online (PC/MAC) format.
Who says exam prep has to be dull?
Quite the contrary! You'll discover that the unique dose of light humor waiting for you in your KING Instrument Course actually enhances your learning. Humor increases your enjoyment—and your retention. That's one of the reasons why pilots who prepare with KING consistently score higher.
Everything's here, to help you get to where you want to go...without wasting your time!
Your King School's Instrument Rating course provides you with
  • Engaging Computer-based Interactive Video
  • Every FAA question and answer available
  • Unlimited random practice tests
  • Instant sign-off right from the course for the FAA Knowledge test (your ticket to take the FAA exam
  • Personalized Graduation Certificate
  • FREE online FAR/AIM
Learn at your own pace, without interruption—you're as portable as your computer.
Remember, your course is as portable as your computer, so you never have to suffer through the classic time-wasters and slowdowns characteristic of most weekend seminars and classroom ground schools. King Schools instructors talk directly to you, one-on-one...guaranteeing you results through understanding, and not through rote memorization of questions and answers. And...because you're learning with Computer-based Interactive Video™, you can instantaneously review any section again and again as often as you like, and your computer-based progress tracking will let you know when you're ready to take your exam!
KING wants you to do well, and guarantees you will.
More than 1 out of 2 pilots flying today prepared for their FAA Knowledge Tests with King Schools Exam Courses. And they have done exceptionally well. 98.9% of all KING-trained students earning their Instrument Rating passed their FAA Knowledge Test with flying colors...the very first time!
And you will, too. In fact we absolutely guarantee you will pass or we'll give you your money back.
Here's our promise in writing:
Money Back Guarantee
  1. If not completely satisfied with any product, return it within 30 days for a prompt, friendly refund.
  2. Your course will be up-to-date with the latest FAA knowledge requirements.
  3. If you fail your FAA test within one year of purchase, get your money back — AND you keep the course!
So isn´t it time to earn your Instrument Rating NOW? It´s easy ... just click here for the fabulous Instrument Rating Course Special!
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John King
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