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Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)

Paperless Online Certificate Renewal - Everything Completed Online

FIRC, Online Certificate Renewal and Online Aviation Library included

  • NO trips to the FSDO
  • NO documents notarized
  • Enjoy a mobile friendly FIRC that goes anywhere you need to study
  • Click Here For Helicopter FIRC
    16 hours

    More Relevant and Interesting Learning
    • This FIRC moves away from reviewing the same topics that flight instructors learned as Private Pilots
    • This FIRC focuses on giving you tools to help pilots to be more ready to be Pilot-In-Command
    • You'll gain more insight from thought provoking topics
    • We think you'll find this FIRC to be a breath of fresh air
    Renew Completely Online Without Leaving Home
    As a King Schools FIRC customer, you have an easy, convenient way to renew your CFI certificate using our online renewal service.
    • Everything can be completed online
    • NO trips to the FSDO
    • NO documents notarized
    • NO sending in your old CFI certificate, or any other documents
    • Enjoy a mobile friendly FIRC that goes anywhere you need to study
    Access Your Course From Anywhere
    From your computer, iPad, or other mobile device, all you need to complete your FIRC is an Internet connection and a web browser.
    The Airplane FIRC Covers...
    • Identifying and Changing At-Risk Behaviors
    • Using Scenario-Based Training
    • Coaching Pilots to Avoid Deviations
    • Teaching Airspace Effectively
    • Making Airworthiness Easy to Understand
    • Conducting a Meaningful Flight Review and IPC
    • Teaching Loss of Control Awareness and Prevention
    • Preparing Your Applicant for the Practical Test
    • What You and Your Customers Should Know About Drone Regulations
    • How Airman Certification Standards Improve Flight Instruction
    • Understanding the Compliance Philosophy
    • Becoming Familiar with BasicMed
    • The Benefits of IACRA and the FAAST Program
    • Things You Need to Know About TSA
       —And You Get 1 Elective From These Subjects
    • Teaching Smart Tablet Use in the Cockpit
    • Using Flight Simulation to Help Pilots Learn
    • Teaching Icing Survival
    Now includes the King Schools Online Aviation Library!
    The KING Online Aviation Library is the superior one-stop-shop digital resource for your aviation books, guides, and piloting reference materials. You will find all the popular FAA handbooks, KING cockpit cards, KING syllabi, important aviation websites, FAA Circulars and a whole lot more, all conveniently located in our online library.
    Lifetime Access and FREE Updates
    King Schools will update the books and materials in the online library whenever a new version of a book or reference material becomes available. You will no longer have to replace old materials as KING will make sure you have the most recent versions of everything in the library.
    Online Access, Printer Friendly Documents
    You will be able to access all the materials through any internet connected device. No more heavy books weighing you down. You will be able to download or print anything in the library.
    "I have been taking weekend and online FIRCs for many years and this is by far the BEST renewal course I have ever taken and I look forward to using again in two years."
    ~James Potter • Afton, VA
    "Excellent course. I actually enjoyed it. I learned some new things and all from my iPad in various parts of the world. Thanks for making it so easy and convenient."
    ~Andrew J. Zuranski • Lake Ariel, PA

    How This Course Works
    To successfully complete this course, you must, for every lesson in the course...
    1. Complete the pre-lesson assessment quiz
    2. Study all the lesson content, and
    3. Pass the end-of-lesson test
    When You Complete Your Course... can instantly print out your...
    • TSA Training Certificate
    • Completion Certificate
    • Graduation Certificate
    Your FIRC purchase includes the Certificate Renewal Service, you will be able to...
    • Fill out an online 8710 form using the FAA's IACRA online program
    • Supply us with your FAA Tracking Number (FTN) assigned by IACRA
    • After we process your application, we will issue you a downloadable and printable temporary certificate

    Save Time and Money on Your Renewal
    Other courses require you to notarize documents and to send in information using certified mail. This can add significantly to the overall cost of your FIRC course. Since the KING FIRC uses the FAA's online IACRA system to process your certificate, all this is avoided. There is nothing to send in, allowing for a quick, easy, and inexpensive renewal process.
    Why Not Try Something New—and more significant
    You may have noticed that the FIRC options for flight instructors have not changed much in recent years. Well, you now have the opportunity to try something new. You´ll meet your certificate renewal requirements just like with any other FIRC, but the KING course will make you thoughtful about what you can do as a flight instructor to make general aviation pilots safer.
    You will delve into areas that will be interesting, relevant, and sometimes provocative. You will find this new approach truly refreshing, and we are certain you will find our alternative to be engaging, educational and fun.
    You're in Control
    You may take the lessons in any order you choose. Once you comprehend all the material in a lesson, you will be ready to take the lesson test and confirm your learning. Once you pass, start studying the next lesson of your choice immediately.
    Renew Online Without Leaving Home
    This FIRC is the first to incorporate a paperwork-free, completely online, renewal process. You will be able to complete the renewal requirements at your computer and you will receive your temporary certificate by email.

    A personal note to Flight Instructors
    from John and Martha

    "Flying self-selects fabulous people. It is easy to become fond of them. They are competent, committed and persistent. They are also vulnerable to the risks associated with flying. These are not foolhardy people. They often just don´t understand the risks they are taking. There is a very strong need to help pilots gain insights that will save their lives.


    We decided our FIRC should cover things like "Identifying and Changing At-Risk Behaviors." If you are like us, you often see scary behavior in your own customers. We hope to give you specific tools to help your customers gain the insight they need. At a minimum taking this FIRC will make you thoughtful about these topics. The best case is that if you are not already, you will become a strong advocate of risk management to everyone in aviation."

    John and Martha

    1. Does your Instructor Certificate expire this month?
      The FAA considers the FIRC lesson content critically important and wants to ensure that you do not rush through it or skip any of it. Therefore, they have mandated that we require a minimum amount of time be spent studying each lesson.
    2. Do I need to make any trips to the FSDO or get my documentation notarized?
      No, we do the renewal processing for you. By purchasing the KING FIRC, you will take advantage of our completely paperless, online renewal process.
    3. What devices will the course work on?

      Access your course from any device...all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser

      • Tablets
      • Computers
      • Mobile Devices
    4. Does the FIRC work with the King Companion App?
      The KING FIRC will not work with the King Companion App but you can easily take your FIRC on your iPad using any Internet-connected Web browser.
    5. How long is this course?
      The King Schools FIRC complies with the FAA's requirement that all online FIRCs must be the equivalent of a 16-hour in-person FIRC.
    6. When can I start my course?
      You can start your course anytime you want.
    7. How soon will my renewal application be processed?
      Upon successful completion of the course and submission of your electronic 8710 application on IACRA's website, you should allow for up to 9 days for King Schools to process your application.
    8. How do I keep the same expiration date I currently have?
      You need to complete your course within 4 months of your current expiration date.
    9. How soon before my CFI certificate expires can I take your FIRC and maintain my same month of expiration?
      • To retain your same expiration month, submit your application for renewal anytime within the 3 calendar months prior to your current expiration month.
      • Your course graduation certificate is good for 3 calendar months from the month of issuance and must be valid at the time you submit your application for renewal.
    10. How do I make sure my certificate gets renewed on time?
      You have until 5:00 PM Pacific Time on the last day of the month in which your certificate expires to complete your course and submit your application to ensure you will be renewed on time.
    11. My CFI certificate has already expired. Can I still renew my certificate using your course?
      No, you need to contact your local FSDO office and inform them of your situation. They will let you know what you need to do to renew your certificate.
    12. How do I get my WINGS credit for taking the course?
      For more information on receiving WINGS credit click here.
    13. What are the requirements for using the IACRA website?
      A PC with broadband internet connectivity. Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. Cannot block cookies - Internet Options, Privacy tab. Java scripting must be enabled - Internet Options, Advanced tab. Popup blocker cannot be enabled.
    14. Do I have to fill out all the information on the IACRA form?
      No, you do not need to fill in the number of flight hours. When you click on Submit, IACRA will prompt you to fill in any missing information that they require.
    15. How do I provide an electronic signature?
      Just select Sign Application, then click on the hyperlink Click to Sign.
    16. I received my temporary certificate but I still have not received my permanent certificate and it has been a while.
      You can check the status of your application by calling the FAA Airman Certification Branch at 866-878-2498, Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time.
    17. Who do I call if I have questions?
      You can speak to one of our Pilot Advisors during our normal business hours at 800-854-1001 or +1 858-541-2200. You can also email us at
    18. What does CFI mean?
      CFI is short for Certificated Flight Instructor. It is common to see or hear it as Certified Flight Instructor, but this is technically not correct. The FAA has stated that they do not 'certify' pilots, they just 'certificate' them.

    Great FIRC!
    This is the second time in a row I’ve used the King Schools FIRC to renew my CFI. The course is very high quality and I learn so much every time. Thank you!
    Kenneth E. 10/25/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Course Completion Review
    Fantastic resource. Easy to work through the course, well implemented and outstanding comprehensive course material. Great experience.
    Oliver S. 10/22/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Top Notch
    I am an inactive instructor.  So, in the past, I attended in person type FIRCs.  This time, I tried King online andI I learned so much more because their format forced me to actively read and think.  And for me, so much has changed.  However, beyond the technical information, I also appreciated John and Martha's articles describing their earlier learning years.  I am grateful that they memorialized and shared those stories.  Over all- top notch learning.  I will explore other King products.
    Robert F. 09/26/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    I just wanted to say thanks to King Schools for the courtesy phone call and message left for me reminding me to finish my FIRC and offering support in doing so in order to get finished on time. We just went through Hurricane Ida and FIRC somewhat slipped my mind for about a month. Really appreciated the heads up and was able to finish on time.
    Collin A. 09/25/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Without A Doubts 5 Stars!
    This course represents a very refreshing and stimulating study!  A whole new and thought provoking package dealing with risk management and safety.  The videos were excellent and professional.  Thanks for the experience and the sharing.
    Scott D. 09/07/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Thorough and educational
    Glad I chose this course for my CFI renewal. I recommend this course.
    Eric R. 08/28/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Best System in the Industry
    I have M.E. degree in Computer Engineering and decades of experience with IT stuff.  I am amazed how you have perfected the delivery and processing of the entire FIRC course materials AND doing the FAA-interface for renewing my CFI Cert.  Thank you.  

    This is especially significant because I see other failing at integrating and learning apps.
    Allen E. 08/05/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Very good!
    Easy to navigate, easy to use, gets the information across in a useful and easy to assimilate fashion.
    James W. 08/01/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Excellent FIRC program!  I spent more time on a few of the lessons than planned, but I feel like I really learned a great deal from the content, the format and the resources.  I really like how you pulled so many useful resources together!  Well done!  Thanks!
    John L. 06/25/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
    Great FIRC!
    This was my first time completing a FIRC since becoming a flight instructor and I thought the process was smooth! I gained additional knowledge and was able to download some helpful references that I will be using in the future. The King Schools FIRC was very informative and refreshing. I look forward to applying some of the instructing tips provided from this course.
    Patrick 05/08/2021
    Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
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