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FREE Pilot Courses

Try KING online pilot courses—for FREE. When you get your pilot's license, it is a rewarding accomplishment and the start of a lifetime of learning. King Schools free pilot courses are selected to cover important topics useful to any pilot and to provide an introduction to the KING teaching style.

Free Course - Your First Flying Lesson

Let Barry take you on a video flying adventure from taxiing and takeoff, to landing and lunch, giving you solid information in a relaxed and enjoyable style for your first flying lesson.
FREE Online Course!

How to Use Your E6B Flight Computer

Martha is here to rescue you from your E6B! Martha will show you the ins and outs of using the E6B Flight Computer and help you pass your exam.
FREE Online Course!

Understanding Aircraft Marshalling Signals

This free course gives you the tools needed to arrive and depart safely and efficiently from any busy ramp.
FREE Online Course!

Non-Towered Airport Communications

This free course will take you through the paces of arrival and departure from airports without an operating control tower and show you how to use skillful communication together with situational awareness to manage collision risk.
FREE Online Course!

High Speed Flight

This free course shows you the surprising effects of high speed flight, such as the Critical Mach Number, and the importance of vortex generators.
FREE Online Course!

Understanding the Mach Meter

This free course shows you the information you need to correctly read your mach meter. In high performance aircraft, the airspeed indicator shows your Mach number which is the ratio of your aircraft’s true airspeed to the speed of sound.
FREE Online Course!

Using LAANC to Fly Drones in Controlled Airspace

This free course shows you the information you need to fly your drone in controlled airspace.
FREE Online Course!

Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained

This course will serve as your guide to simplify and clarify the complexities of FAA Medical Certificates and the FAA BasicMed rule.
FREE Online Course!

Crosswind Landings Made Easy

If you have ever struggled to stay aligned with the centerline while landing in a stiff crosswind, this mini-course will give you all the secrets to make it a "breeze". In-flight footage and clear teaching will give you the perspective you need to nail it—every time!
FREE Online Course!

Airport Runway Signs & Markings Explained

This free course will make it easy for you to understand and interpret airport runway signs and markings.
FREE Online Course!

How Jet Engines Work

If you have ever wondered what makes a jet engine work, let us unlock the mystery for you.
FREE Online Course!

TSA Recurrent Security Awareness Training for CFIs

CFIs appreciate having this free and online way to meet their annual TSA training requirement, but every pilot can benefit from this course by learning how to keep their airplanes and airports secure.
FREE Online Course!

How to Avoid Unwanted Adventure

John and Martha deliver a delightfully entertaining and educational program filmed in front of a live audience.
FREE Online Course!

Hangar Flying With A Point

John and Martha recount how "one thing led to another" in this harrowing tale of picking up their first twin-engine airplane.
FREE Online Course!

Your First Flying Lesson (KING Classic)

Let John King take you on a video flying adventure from preflight and takeoff through landing and shut-down, giving you solid information in a relaxed and enjoyable style for your first flying lesson.

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FREE Online Course!
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