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High Speed Flight

This free course shows you the surprising effects of high speed flight, such as the Critical Mach Number, and the importance of vortex generators.
6 minutes
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You'll learn about high speed flight—for FREE!
This course covers topics including:
  • Mach Number
  • Critical Mach Number
  • Transonic Flight Regime
  • Drag Divergence
  • Mach Tuck
  • Dutch Roll
  • Vortex Generators
Martha explains drag divergence
Martha explains drag divergence
Martha talks about vortex generators
Martha talks about vortex generators

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Unedited Customer Reviews
Very clear explanation
Pablo G. 05/08/2024
High Speed Flight
Interesting and informative
Short but very informative if not already trained in high speed aircraft.
Richard M. 05/02/2024
High Speed Flight
Course Completion Review
Robert N. 03/18/2024
High Speed Flight
The best site for aspiring pilots to learn passionately for free
Rohan C. 03/15/2024
High Speed Flight
Great Lesson
Great Website
Theo P. 03/06/2024
High Speed Flight
High speed flight video
King Flight Schools' high-speed flight video provides a comprehensive and insightful exploration into the thrilling realm of high-speed aviation. The video not only showcases the exhilarating aspects but also emphasizes crucial points on high-speed flight safety, underlining the importance of responsible piloting.

The incorporation of key safety measures, such as proper pre-flight planning, adherence to speed limits, and vigilant monitoring of aircraft systems, demonstrates King Flight Schools' commitment to ensuring that the thrill of high-speed flight is coupled with a strong emphasis on safety protocols.

I appreciate how King Flight Schools doesn't just focus on the excitement of high-speed flight but takes a proactive approach in educating pilots about the potential risks and safety precautions associated with this type of aviation. This commitment to safety contributes significantly to fostering a culture of responsible flying.

In conclusion, King Flight Schools' high-speed flight video serves as an excellent resource for both novice and experienced pilots, offering an engaging experience while instilling a profound understanding of the importance of safety in high-speed aviation.
Benjamin 02/07/2024
High Speed Flight
Very informative.
Great information!
Paul T. 01/30/2024
High Speed Flight
Course Completion Review
very nice context !
Juan R. 01/28/2024
High Speed Flight
Vesy precise traning video about effect of shock wave on airfoil and aircraft thanks for such a good review for this High Speed Theory of flight
MUHAMMAD A. 01/25/2024
High Speed Flight
High Speed Flight
Nice overview of the operational characteristics of Mach flight and inherent risks.
Michael C. 01/21/2024
High Speed Flight
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