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Concise and Informative
This short video was a very good introduction for me about trans-sonic and supersonic flight and what occurs to the wing aerodynamically as we reach higher speeds in an aircraft. It included information about aircraft design choices particularly that applied to faster airplanes and what issues might occur with them.
Jordan K. 10/23/2023 High Speed Flight
Course Completion Review
Candace S. 09/17/2023 High Speed Flight
Course Completion Review
James C. 09/15/2023 High Speed Flight
Course Completion Review
Roy S. 08/16/2023 High Speed Flight
A course all members must see!
Kings school is very impressive! my wife and I love King Schools!
terry w. 08/08/2023 High Speed Flight
highspeed flight
Was looking for a little more info
Leonard O. 08/06/2023 High Speed Flight
High speed flight
Excellent video
Angelo M. 08/06/2023 High Speed Flight
Highspeed flight
Good information about Mach and bad things that can happen with airflow in a high speed flight.
January J. 07/28/2023 High Speed Flight
It was very interesting to hear about these terms used and features installed on the aircrafts that help control them.
Mason 07/26/2023 High Speed Flight
Course Completion Review
Fantastic video
Natalio C. 07/23/2023 High Speed Flight
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