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How Jet Engines Work

If you have ever wondered what makes a jet engine work, let us unlock the mystery for you.
30 minutes
FREE Online Course!

You'll Learn About How Jet Engines Work—For Free!
If you have ever wondered what makes a jet engine work, let us unlock the mystery for you. This free course will teach you what's involved from jet engine design to engine startup—including the components and systems found in jet engines. This course also covers turbine engines (which are jet engine derivatives). You will learn or brush up on important subjects including:
  • Jet Engine Design
  • Jet Engine Intake and Compression
  • Jet Engine Combustion and Exhaust
  • Starting Jet Engines


John explains Intake, Compression, Combustion and Exhaust
John explains Jet Engines
Note: This free mini-course is taken from the King Schools course - Jet Transition. Martha and John King say it best with their description of the full course - "This course covers all the things we wish we had been told in advance when we started flying jets. We would have learned much faster, and avoided making a lot of embarrassing mistakes under very stressful circumstances." —John & Martha King

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Course Completion Review
Jonathan C. 06/19/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Very good summary
Web site is still a little "classic" looking but it gets the job done.
Jordan H. 04/29/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Thumbs Up for How Jet Engines
How Jet Engines Work was very informative, complete, and entertaining. I am confident I know the material now. Thumbs Up!
David O. 04/16/2022
How Jet Engines Work
I think the course is very good, the work material is very good
Jerry A. 04/15/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Course Completion Review
Gholamreza S. 04/12/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Headlines and summary are okay
The problem is freezing during the course of presentation
George 04/07/2022
How Jet Engines Work
I loved it!
I'm a beginner and learning about the engine was really interesting.
Emily 03/25/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Course Completion Review
Another short but really good lesson. Glad I took it.
Gregory D. 03/19/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Course Completion Review
Very Informative
Wens Z. 03/16/2022
How Jet Engines Work
Great Video
Very good intro to turbine engines
Jeff S. 02/02/2022
How Jet Engines Work
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