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Course Completion Review
Great Course
Alissa A. 01/15/2022 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
Presented a lot to think about and gives one permission to only do what’s comfortable for themselves B
Steve R. 01/14/2022 Making Your Own Rules
Good info
Nice info and easy to follow.
Brandon G. 01/07/2022 Making Your Own Rules
Mark M. 01/06/2022 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
clean website, easy to navigate and understand.
Bryan C. 12/18/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Great Content!
Loved the modules and contents. Extremely comprehensive and helpful. Only thing, if the calculations are approximated, then don't make the answer choices too close by a unit of two to be fair. If it is an approximation, then no exact numerals is correct depending on the conditions or related factors. Nothing is gained from having approximations nearly identical except to sew doubt and confusion and I'm sure that is not what you intend or want. Thank you though for all you do for the aviation industry.
Kelvin S. 12/09/2021 Making Your Own Rules
A good refresher!
I had not touched my personal minimums checklist since my private checkride. This course made me pull it out and really think about what my minimums are now that I have more experience,
Bill W. 12/07/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
Super helpful!
Clayton S. 12/02/2021 Making Your Own Rules
I have enjoyed learning from the King family and plan to continue to do so!
Jeritt S. 11/28/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
Overall, it is a great introductory course but there is outdated information.
Catharina P. 11/14/2021 Making Your Own Rules
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