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Course Completion Review
Thank you
James K. 09/11/2021
Always meets my expectations
King Schools always does a great job for written and checkride prep.
Michael B. 08/30/2021
However the information is good it’s an extremely outdated video
Hayden V. 08/25/2021
Great Course Offering
Everything worked great
Jacob F. 08/25/2021
Wonderful Recap Training
It was so excellent to review the information provided.
Mitchell K. 08/17/2021
Great material
Very easy to navigate.
Bradley c. 08/15/2021
Course Completion Review
Samuel C. 07/16/2021
Course Completion Review
good stiff
Jack C. 06/29/2021
Excellent Course!
Very good case examples and clear and logical explanations for making better choices. Pilots of all skill levels should periodically review this course.
Colin F. 06/16/2021
the check list is a great idea and will keep you safe
Michael J. 06/11/2021
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