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Clear and concise
I do not like having to do this each time I complete a course
William N. 04/22/2021 Making Your Own Rules
The website was easy to navigate.
Rydelle N. 04/20/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Old (+/- 1996?)
Look, at $400 for this course, it's very frustrating to watch 25 year old content.  My contribution to King could nearly buy a 4k camera.  I flew 2.7 hours today, at a cost of $828.  You want people to fly, you gotta do better.
Doug H. 04/02/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Well Done!
The website is well designed and the updated info notification helps to ensure you're receiving the most current information.
Timothy P. 03/29/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Did not receive the checklist.
Was following along with the video up until it mentioned that there was a list included with purchase; I never received anything.
James H. 03/24/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Overall was good information and prepared me for the written.
Conner H. 03/08/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Make your own rules
Great course, every pilot should review it at least once a year.
William H. 02/27/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Personal Minimums Checklist
Great information to help you think about all aspects of making a flight, beyond just the aircraft checklist
David C. 02/24/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Course Completion Review
Great stuff.
Adam R. 02/24/2021 Making Your Own Rules
Making your own rules
PAVE is a great and easy way to remember safety in being prepared when flying.
Eric B. 02/22/2021 Making Your Own Rules
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