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Product reviews for Sport Pilot Get It All Kit

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Great Refresher
Working on my CFII.  Current EFB translate all this stuff into easy to read English.  That is not how it appears on the written test.  Great refresher and test prep
Andrew L. 06/12/2024 METAR / TAF Made Easy - (King Classic)
Course Completion Review
Addressed the most confusing factor of how bad things happen to skilled aviators
Mike K. 05/19/2024 Practical Risk Management For Pilots
Basic but Relevant
Pretty Standard stuff off of which is covered in a good ground school but always good to review
John G. 05/16/2024 Surviving Aircraft Systems Emergencies
Course Completion Review
Mike K. 05/16/2024 Surviving Your Most Feared Flying Emergencies
Course Completion Review
Great website help me a lot
Aviel 05/15/2024 Airplane Navigation From A to Z - (King Classic)
Good Comprehensive Airspace
Website is good and can be modernized.
Kirk J. 05/14/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
Great course
Great review and course for BFR
Ed M. 05/13/2024 Pilot Communications - (King Classic)
King of stalls
You 2 are great  at explaining everything about the art of flying!
Jeff M. 05/13/2024 Taming Stalls & Spins
Course Completion Review
Excellent review of landing and take off short of actual landing and takeoff.
Samer A. 05/11/2024 Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
Great Aircraft Emergencies
Website is good and seems 50 & 60's style so might require modernization.
Kirk J. 05/10/2024 Surviving Aircraft Systems Emergencies
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