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Course Completion Review
Fun and educating
Svante L. 10/11/2021 Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
Excellent and memorable
Very well organized and memorable course on risk management for pilots. The best of the King courses I have taken so far.
Timothy K. 10/11/2021 Practical Risk Management For Pilots
Course Completion Review
videos and recovery demos were great!
LEE B. 10/10/2021 Taming Stalls & Spins
A big help!
Thank you the more complete awareness of stalls and spins.  Need to review this with my instructor!
Wendy O. 10/06/2021 Taming Stalls & Spins
I thought it was a good presentation. It gave me the insight I wanted. A good video for beginners.
Ronald B. 10/05/2021 Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
Great Insight
This series of videos has helped give me an understanding of what to look for, listen for, and feel for to reduce the likelihood of putting my airplane into a stall
Richard S. 10/05/2021 Taming Stalls & Spins
Great safety video
It was informative and brought my attention to contributing factors in decision making as to weather a flight will be safe or not.. And how to analyze and realize changes in flight that can effect the out come of a flight.
JASON R. 10/04/2021 Practical Risk Management For Pilots
Enjoyed it.
Very knowledgeable and entertaining.
Dominic V. 10/04/2021 Practical Risk Management For Pilots
Course Completion Review
Easy to understand instruction.  Examples especially helpful.
M M. 10/04/2021 Pilot Communications
great course
even though a few items did not pertain to the sport pilot cert. i found that the test did the same thing????? all in all the presentation and subject matter was well done and made it easy to retain.
glen n. 10/01/2021 Sport Pilot Airplane Ground School & Test Prep
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