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King Schools Flight Instructor Program

INTRODUCING—The KING Flight Instructor Program and iLearn Update
Details on the new Flight Instructor Program are shown in the "Flight Instructors" section below, along with information on how to enroll. Details on the iLearn update are shown in the "Student" section below.
Flight Instructors
Flight Instructors, join for FREE and receive the following benefits:
  • Instructor Dashboard – Take an active role in your student's instruction, by being able to monitor their progress online in real-time.
  • Free courses give you access to the same training as your students - As an enrollee in the KING Flight Instructor Program, you will be given the following online courses for FREE:
    • Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
    • Private Pilot Practical Test Course
    • Instrument Rating Ground School & Test Prep
    • Instrument Rating Practical Test Course
    • Commercial Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
    • Commercial Pilot Practical Test Course
    • Flight Instructor/FOI Ground School & Test Prep
    • Flight Instructor Practical Test Course
  • Free KING Online Aviation Library
    • Online KING Syllabi for complete flight and ground training programs - an online KING flight training syllabus, together with its associated instructor’s guide.
    • Airman Certification Standards / Practical Test Standards
    • FAA Computer Testing Supplements
    • FAA Advisory Circulars
    • FAA Handbooks
    • Navigation Log Forms
    • Aviation Resources and Websites
  • More Free resources for you and your students
  • Free TSA Security Awareness Course – Complete your required annual TSA Security Awareness training for CFIs in about an hour. To enroll visit:
  • More benefits – Join now and be notified as new benefits are added including discounts and free premiums
How to Join
If you would like to enroll in the KING Flight Instructor Program, contact us by email, phone (800)854.1001 or (858)541.2200 (Worldwide)) or live chat (below). The following information is required: first and last name, CFI number and your King Schools iLearn account email address. Don't have a King Schools iLearn account? Enroll in one of our FREE courses to easily sign up for an iLearn account.
Instructor Dashboard
The Instructor Dashboard is a new feature of King Schools' update to the iLearn online learning platform. When enrolled CFIs login to their iLearn account, they will see a new section at the top titled "My Students".
Instructor Dashboard
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To add a student to your dashboard, click the link that says "Invite your students now". This will open a popup where you can enter your student's iLearn email address. After the email address is entered, click the "SEND INVITE" link. This will send an email to your student with a link and instructions to accept your invitation. You will also receive a copy of the email as confirmation.
Invite students to share their course progress with you
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When you have at least one student added, their name will show in your "My Students" section. In the example, there are two students - "Joe Smith" and "Bob Jones". A third student, whose email is "" has been sent an invitation, but has not accepted yet.
Student list under My Students
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The first icon for each student will show their progress. Clicking it will display a list of that student's courses and their progress for each one. The second icon will remove them from your account.
List of student's courses and progress
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We hope your new "My Courses" page is easy and intuitive to use. However, we are here to help. Feel free to call us at (800)854.1001 or email at
Your iLearn online learning platform is easier than ever to use. It has some new features and a new look.
When you log on to your King Schools ilearn account, you'll see your list of "My Courses" with progress as before, along with the "Redeem Key" and "Manage Account" links at the top.
My Courses list is the same as before
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New functionality includes faster display of the "My Courses" list for those with many courses, more prominent access to the Aviation Library for those that have it, and our biggest new feature - the KING Instructor Dashboard. The Instructor Dashboard allows your instructor to track your progress and help you succeed. If your instructor hasn't enrolled in the King Schools Flight Instructor Program, click on the link under "Flight Instructor Dashboard", enter their name and email address, and click "SEND". We'll send them an email with details of the Free program and how to enroll. You will also receive a copy of the email as confirmation.
Easily send us your instructor's email
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We hope your new "My Courses" page is easy and intuitive to use. However, we are here to help. Feel free to call us at (800)854.1001 or email at
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