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Course Completion Review
Warren R. 04/06/2024 VFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)
Great refresher
Warren R. 04/05/2024 The Complete Airspace Review - (King Classic)
VFR Regulations Refresher Cour
Course was designed very well as I just got back into flying and needed this refresher, as well as the IFR one! I used King School for my private and instrument training and they were the best and helped me pass.
Brian S. 04/05/2024 VFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)
Watch it more than once.
Watch it more than once and take notes. Almost everything you need to know about talking to ATC and getting the correct frequencies.
Warren R. 04/04/2024 Pilot Communications - (King Classic)
Course Completion Review
Nicely structured quick study for FAA medical certificates and the Basic Med requirements.
Roland W. 04/03/2024 Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained
Course Completion Review
good info
Richard G. 04/03/2024 Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained
Basic Med basics
Great review and found I can use it to give dual instructiomN
Robert R. 04/01/2024 Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained
Great VFR Regulations Review
I enjoyed this VFR Regulations review which helped me feel more prepared for an upcoming BFR. I watched the course with my FAR/AIM and highlighter handy so I could pause the video and review the FARs so I'm sure I remember where to find them for future reference.
Steven P. 03/30/2024 VFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)
Course Completion Review
Helped out.
Eric V. 03/30/2024 Pilot Communications - (King Classic)
Basic Med
Very thorough and clear-Thank you
Erik S. 03/28/2024 Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained
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