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Super 👍🏻
Super 👍🏻
Jose G. 11/06/2023 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Great intro to jet flying!
Nice video of jet flying and crew coordination.
David K. 03/06/2023 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
good but expected more
I am about to do my initial training on a citation 2 and I was expecting more out of the course, will definitely recommend this course for CRM and brand new copilots, but if like me you expected to see something else like aircraft systems maybe even tips or so you might get disappointed .
Still is a great refresher on CRM procedures
Ariel 02/02/2023 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Dated But Good
A little bit of a dated cockpit and procedures, but a good introduction to jet flying and CRM nonetheless.
Gregory C. 12/24/2022 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Course Completion Review
Donald 12/03/2022 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Course Completion Review
footage a little old , voice record missing out some part . but good knowledge
NATTAPONG C. 11/22/2022 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Great Blast from the Past
It's fun to watch how things were done before EECs and "magenta line" flying.  Temperatures in Fahrenheit, TCAs, crossing runways without having to be told to....oh the good old times!
Jeremy H. 08/25/2022 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Great insight to CRM
About to head out to training for the Citation 500 SIC training. This was a great video to showcase how CRM and Jet procedures are conducted. I feel like I have walked away from this course knowing a bit better how the procedures and cockpit communication will flow in training and in the real world.
Christopher Y. 01/24/2022 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Dated material
NATHANIEL D. 06/13/2021 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
Some Day!..
The Flying the Citation Course was included with my Commercial Ground School Kit. It made me really excited about my future as a pilot seeing how the cockpit works. Interesting video!
Austin M. 04/04/2020 Flying the Citation (KING Classic)
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