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Product reviews for Private Pilot Get It All Kit

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I Aced my test
Thank you for such a wonder course. It is one of the best course out there.
mustafa a. 11/19/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Easy and Fun
Charles T. 11/18/2021 Pilot Communications
Fast paced
I know it's a review, but John sure jams thru at a very fast pace.
Sheldon C. 11/18/2021 The Complete Airspace Review
Watched every video at least a dozen times and went on to pass my FAA exam along with the checkride without a hitch. Currently working on instrument rating now. Very pleased.
Lance F. 11/16/2021 Private Pilot Checkride Prep
Worked great
I was gifted this course years ago and had to step away for other life distractions. Coming back was great and everything was still up to date. I went through everything and passed the test on my first try. Overall, it was a great experience and I'm glad I used King.
Travis S. 11/16/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Course Completion Review
Very easy to use with lots of insider knowledge to help you learn and prepare!
Fredrick P. 11/16/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Douglas J. 11/15/2021 Surviving Your Most Feared Flying Emergencies
Course Completion Review
Easy to use.
Jadon E. 11/15/2021 Private Pilot Checkride Prep
Highly Instructional
A great review of takeoffs and landings
Andrew L. 11/15/2021 Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
Excellent course!
I thought it was an excellent course and made taking the test a breeze.
Jesse N. 11/15/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
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