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Product reviews for Private Pilot Get It All Kit

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Course Completion Review
Very informative and allows pilots to adjust properly prior to each flight they take. Help out your Go or no-go decision.
Mason H. 05/13/2024 Making Your Own Rules - (King Classic)
King of stalls
You 2 are great  at explaining everything about the art of flying!
Jeff M. 05/13/2024 Taming Stalls & Spins
Course Completion Review
The King course is a great way to review and prepare for your BFR.
Ed M. 05/13/2024 VFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)
Course Completion Review
Well done.  Great prep material.
Oren R. 05/12/2024 Private Pilot Practical Test (Checkride) Prep
VFR regs
Adds color to the black and white
Robert M. 05/12/2024 VFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)
Great VFR Review
The website is fun and uplifting.
Kirk J. 05/11/2024 VFR Regulations Refresher - (King Classic)
Course Completion Review
Excellent review of landing and take off short of actual landing and takeoff.
Samer A. 05/11/2024 Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
An endless source for learning
As someone with no prior aviation experience or knowledge, the courses put together by John and Martha King make everything digestible and easy to understand. I feel confident in my ability to take the FAA test based on everything I've learned from them.
Nathan N. 05/10/2024 Private Pilot Online Ground School & Test Prep
Great Aircraft Emergencies
Website is good and seems 50 & 60's style so might require modernization.
Kirk J. 05/10/2024 Surviving Aircraft Systems Emergencies
Course Completion Review
Thanks for the review and the added info on emergencies .
Richard H. 05/10/2024 Surviving Your Most Feared Flying Emergencies
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