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Product reviews for Private Pilot Get It All Kit

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On Top
Great confidence booster before your evaluation. Detailed and straight to the point. I am suggesting this course if you want to feel 100% ready. Good Luck
Dmytro S. 11/28/2021 Private Pilot Checkride Prep
Course Completion Review
Great format, entertaining and set up in a logical manner. Liked being able to take the practice exams multiple times.
Michael B. 11/27/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Good Review of Airport Signage
Good compliment to the similar section on the PPL course.  It goes adds a little more detail.
James F. 11/27/2021 Airport Signs, Markings & Procedures
Should have watched sooner.
I have probably done three dozen takeoff and landings. I wish I would have been directed to this video series only on, since most of this has been learned from the instructor in the plane.
Timothy M. 11/24/2021 Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
Very Helpful
I completed the full private pilot course in a month. King Schools went into great comprehensive detail about every subject needed for the written exam. The lessons were bite-size and were easy to understand even at 0 flight hours.
Calvin K. 11/24/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Worth every penny!
I just took my Private Pilot Airplane written test and scored 100%. The only study material I used was the King Private Pilot ground school online course and self made flash cards. I had absolutely no aviation knowledge prior to starting the course. John and Martha are excellent instructors, especially if you are new to aviation like I was. I will absolutely be purchasing the King Instrument course in the very near future.
Ryan C. 11/23/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Follow the course and do the practice exams and you will be fine on the test.
MICHAEL W. 11/22/2021 Private Pilot Ground School & Test Prep
Informative, not all inclusive
Website is easily navigable. Material needs to be more broad scope for those of us who train in aircraft other than Cessna's. I have never touched, flown or received training in a Cessna in my life and watching these videos becomes very irritating because the only thing I can relate to is what translates across the two different platforms.
Sean C. 11/21/2021 Private Pilot Checkride Prep
Needs update
VHS quality, but informative. Much overlap with ppl ground school.
Matyas P. 11/20/2021 Aviation Weather Wise
Easy to follow
The videos are short enough to keep you engaged and yet long enough to give you the most useful information.
Davis P. 11/19/2021 Takeoffs and Landings Made Easy
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